This clinical portion of your program is lead by a physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant in the clinic or hospital. Usually, the NP student works alongside this practicing medical provider learning the ins and outs of patient care. Share with current students. Ask Erin The Newsroom: Fellowships – Other 1.

XXXXXXX Institute offers a great learning opportunity for its students who have demonstrated academic excellence and who have already decided on a field of study. Practice for Sale – Cardiology 0. Locum Tenens – Dermatology 1. This clinical portion of your program is lead by a physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant in the clinic or hospital. Anesthesiology Critical Care Medicine 0. If someone specific referred you to the company, mention them by name.

cover letter for fnp preceptor

Locum Tenens – Urology 0. Emergency Medicine Leadership Practice For Sale – Pediatrics 0. Jul 16, by CoolsvilleRN. A timely graduation, not to mention your education, depend on this critical piece of your NP program.

Practice For Sale – Med-Peds 0. Locum Tenens – Medical Genetics 0.

How to Find a Clinical Preceptor for Your Nurse Practitioner Program

Geriatric Medicine Leadership Pediatric Wound Care 0. If you are a quality student, your instructors may be willing to refer you to their professional connections in your search for a clinical lettee. Practice For Sale – Nephrology 0. If you are having a difficult time locating a clinical preceptor, there are a few steps you can take to increase your chances of success.


Faculty may also have connections with other nurse practitioners and physicians from their own personal practices.

Nurse Practitioner Student Seeking a Preceptor in Granbury, TX | ENP Network

Securing a clinical preceptorship on your own takes time. Apr 25, by NC29mom. Locum Tenens – Neonatology 0. Orthopaedic Surgery Leadership 2.

Avoid simply repeating the facts listed in your resume. Locum Tenens – Palliative Care 0. Locum Tenens – Nephrology 0. Thank you in fn; for your consideration and I look forward to meeting with you soon.

A Nurse Practitioner’s Guide to the Perfect Cover Letter

Nuclear Medicine Radiology 1. Fellowships – CODA – accredited 1. Practice For Sale – Rheumatology 0.

cover letter for fnp preceptor

Practice For Sale – Emergency Medicine 0. Practice For Sale – Neurological Surgery 0. As a nurse practitioner student you’ve got a lot riding on your clinical placements. Looking for a new job? Locum Tenens – Emergency Medicine 0. General Preventive Medicine 1. Elaborate upon your clinical work and call out times when you went above and beyond the call of duty. Universities with large preceptor networks even advertise that students may be required to commute up to two hours each way to a clinical site.


Reaching out in rural areas, or at least areas outside of a major city may also increase your chances of success. Finding a medical provider to precept you in this venture isn’t always easy. Didn’t learn anything new, here.

cover letter for fnp preceptor