Project your cash flow at least 12 months ahead to capture any seasonality Be realistic — some customers may be slower to pay Take actions to manage your cash flow if you find a cash shortfall 4. Before you start operating in your new commercial premises or in your home, ensure the business is legally allowed to work there by doing your due diligence on zoning regulations. Managing bills and payments Bills sent straight to NetBank and the CommBank app — see, pay and track your bills all in one place. Some useful tips to keep in mind include: Profit and loss or income statement Balance sheet Cash flow statement. Learn more about what’s changed.

You’re still logged on to NetBank. Forecast balance sheet List all your expected assets and liabilities after your first 12 months to create a financial snapshot of your business. You can select how your business becomes SuperStream ready. If the economy slows down, how will this affect your business? We use cookies to provide you with the best possible online experience. If you are buying a company: Valuing a business Business valuation techniques including asset valuation, capitalised future earnings, earnings multiple and comparable sales.

How to get your business up and running, covering everything from writing a financial plan to considering which type of finance is best for your business 3. Can you see yourself calling all the shots as your own boss?

How long has the owner operated the business? You can base your numbers on the performance of similar businesses in your industry by using industry benchmarksmarket research and industry analysis. Don’t forget to log off when you’re done. Learn more about what’s changed.


Don’t forget to log off when you’re done. Who are the key creditors? This will help you develop sales targets, pricing and likely profit margins. Learn more about what’s changed. Taxation considerations are general and based on present taxation laws and may be subject to change.

How to manage money with tech and tools

This is the portion of the assets that belongs to the business owner. First, you should identify any potential risks that could affect your business – whether they are financial, market, product, legal, technological, staffing or something else. Find out why the owner is selling. Here are some other things to include:. Learn more about what’s changed.

How to write a business financial plan

Inspect and verify that plant, equipment, fixtures and fittings are in good working order Ask for an asset list and check off physical items against it Do a stock valuation or stocktake to assess the amount of stock on hand and its value as at the settlement date Get insurance details to check assets are insured until settlement of purchase If assets are leased, get copies of the leases.

A commercial lease often requires the tenant to take out and maintain insurance.

commbank business plan toolkit

What business structure are you considering? Computers If staff are meeting customers out of the office and need to do offsite tasks like online product demonstrations or working from home, then you may want to go with laptops.

You can watch clips on social media, listen to podcasts budiness read millions of webpages to get the necessary knowledge on how to get your business off the ground. Equipment Fitting out office equipment for your business is more exciting than crunching the numbers but this is an area where costs can escalate.


You should consider seeking independent financial advice before making any decision based on this information. Vusiness the only contributions you make are personal contributions for yourself, ckmmbank contributions to a related self-managed super fund SMSFyou don’t need to use SuperStream because these are exempt contributions.

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The plan is too detailed Some business plans are packed with technical details, dense text and industry jargon. Article How to set up your small business office How to set up your small business office. Business or home office? List your start-up costs and capital requirements as well as your projected cash flow, profit and loss and balance sheet forecasts and a break-even analysis.

Take commban, time to get it right.

Starting a business in your 20s

You can create a desktop experience for them when in the office by providing a docking station with the laptop. You’re still logged on to NetBank. The financial statement is the most important part of your document and often readers will go there first.

Must be measurable, achievable and consistent with the financial plan. Estimate your sales and expenses on a monthly, quarterly toolkif yearly basis to gauge whether you can expect to make a profit or loss for each of these periods. Activate a CommBank card. Read more about our cookie usage here. Measure your plan by readability rather than page count.

commbank business plan toolkit