Any modern or ancient language can be used. Reasoning Abstractly will train you in the use of general deductive reasoning and the study of abstract as opposed to specific, concrete objects. What are the restrictions on the use of transfer courses from other schools? Statistics – This course introduces fundamental concepts and procedures related to quantitative analysis in social sciences and business. Read world classics and texts of major cultural significance.

As students master the tools learned, they will be asked to apply these tools and use these skills in other courses throughout the program. This is an introductory course designed to build basic language skills. Prepare for real world challenges in your community, in the classroom, or in the business marketplace — wherever your vocation leads you. Write with purpose, clarity, and persuasiveness. Integrated Science and Lab OR:

Ge critical thinking assessment project how well do our students reason. Economics 3 This is a survey course of the scope and methods of the study of principles of economics and the history of economic thought including decision making by household and firms, supply and demand, operations of markets, and the determination of prices, international trade, financial markets, the role of government and policy, and the evaluation of social welfare within alternative economic systems.

Cccu Ge Critical Thinking

Winning educational books software that sharpen the mind as they teach standards. Some majors actually require you to take multiple courses that fulfill the same GE area. Most students in their first year take the types of classes in the green section thinkung semester. The Student Records Office has a list of pre-approved courses found under the Transfer Credit heading. You do not need to take the placement exam.


cccu ge critical thinking

Graduates may start as account executives, administrative assistants, business development assistants, customer service executives, event coordinators, marketing and sales executives and customer relations officers in the event management industry as well as in the sales and marketing sector for various commercial and industrial organisations, government.

As students master the tools learned, they will be asked to apply these tools and use these skills in other courses throughout the program. Topics include logic, thinkjng theory, algebra, functions, graphing, geometry, probability, and statistics.

cccu ge critical thinking

We will sample a variety of genres in literature in English to gain a broader understanding of the art of literature, and to consider how the modes of literature inform te. Ever struggled to write a critical essay. Try to take at least one inquiries course per term. The general education program.

Reading and Thinking Critically in the Age of Disputation reminded of the importance of assessing the relevancy of issues pertaining to our subject. Signature ge ge course with exam.

Cccu ge critical thinking your education guide

Yes, subject to a few restrictions. True-to-life examples are integrated with curriculum to enhance students’ analytical competencies and research literacy. The records office must receive official notification of your score directly from the testing agency. Read world classics and texts of major cultural significance.

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Ability to engage in critical thinking thinkibg exercise independent judgment. Courses toward a potential major typically also Common Inquiries. This requirement ia typically fulfilled in your final year.

cccu ge critical thinking

Criyical – The study of history is not only relevant but also pertinent to our understanding of who we are, where our ideas and institutions come from, and where our culture might be headed. Introduction to Christian Criticcal B.


In addition, you should be able to fulfill the Quantitative and Analytical Reasoning requirement while taking a course in the area of Exploring the Physical Sciences or Reasoning Abstractly.

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Cccu ge critical thinking

The European social revolutions ofthe American Civil War, Industrial Revolutions and the culminating World Wars criyical the 20th century shook the faiths of many in God, political structures and the nature of equality. Plan to complete these courses by the end of your third year.

Cditical in the core. Write with purpose, clarity, and persuasiveness. You may satisfy the Writing for the Liberal Arts requirement by taking any writing-intensive course.

A statistician is someone who is particularly well versed in the ways of thinking necessary for the successful application of statistical analysis.

The course must be approved for credit at Westmont. Rather it is intended to ensure that all students will have a firm grasp of the basic skills of critical thinking, numerical literacy, and oral and written communication; understand the issues on which they will have to make decisions; and know something about themselves and the world in which they live.