The market itself was highly fragmented; in , the top 10 furniture retailers were responsible for just Similarly, the styles can be broken down into subcategories to create more specificity. However, on a smaller scale, IKEA is a warehouse of products and since they do not give any additional services after a purchase is made, relationships cannot go much further. And still have money left! See Exhibit 8 for details.

If customers wished to purchase larger items, they could jot down the item numbers; they then needed to pass through the IKEA warehouse to pick up their flat-packed items before proceeding to checkout. Although design was handled in-house, IKEA would once again use internal competition to select a designer. Business and Environment Business History Entrepreneurship. By offering these delivery services, retailers could guarantee that, once customers purchased a piece of furniture, all they had to do was wait a few weeks for it to be delivered, at which time the furniture would be set up in their home without their having to lift a finger. To order copies or request permission to reproduce materials, call , write Harvard Business School Publishing, Boston, MA , or go to http:

American consumers want to know that they are not only getting a great deal, but that they are purchasing from a company they can trust. Over the years IKEA had refined its retail approach, building off the success of its original flagship store in Cwse.

It was not unusual for IKEA to redesign a product multiple times, with a single purpose in mind: In order to preserve a long-lasting relationship, IKEA must learn how to create the lovely furniture, keep inexpensive price points, and constantly come up with advanced ways to help the customer feel less disconnected after purchasing a product.


This is certainly true for Uber and is one of the key tensions in the case: If they got hungry, they could stop by the IKEA restaurant for a lunch break.

case study ikea invades america

On a global scale, IKEA does a exemplary job at building relationships with its customers by creating aesthetically pleasing yet affordable designs. The furniture showroom is opened in Almhult.

IKEA Invades America – Case – Harvard Business School

However, on a smaller scale, IKEA is a warehouse of products and since they do not give any additional services after a purchase is made, relationships cannot go much further.

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case study ikea invades america

Changing the Way the World Moves The difficulty is when you try to create the totality of what we have. The success created huge capacity problems in serving the customers. To become one of the leading furniture retailers in such huge and promising market, it has set invases ambitious goal to have 50 stores around the US by Because most items are packed flat, you can get them home easily, and assemble them yourself.


case study ikea invades america

Uber’s innovative business model is outpacing many of the laws regulating its industry, and while it invases going to take the regulatory system some time to catch up, Uber doesn’t appear to be willing to wait. This reaction to our early success required us to begin designing our own furniture, and became the basis for future growth.

IKEA Invades America

If IKEA wants to remain top-of-mind for its consumers, more stores need to be built and become accessible to everyone. There was a separate matrix for each product type IKEA sold—that is, a price matrix for sofas, a price matrix for kitchen tables, and so on. Of course, these redesigns would often increase the product assembly burden on the consumer. You might be able to copy our low prices, but you need our volumes xtudy global sourcing presence.


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It was not uncommon for a single wooden product to contain as many as five different parts of the tree. Which led to even further price reductions for our customers. Designing products so that they can be packed flat and assembled by our customers greatly reduced their cost. With respect to ametica goods, salespeople were trained to educate consumers about quality markers such as grains of wood, construction techniques, and so on.

Beside that, the Club also works as a platform to exchange ideas and experience in using its products. Then you do your part.

HBS cases are developed solely as the basis for class discussion. Youngme Moon and John Quelch. See Exhibits 1 through 4. Instead it should position itself as a market leader in its niche market. Suggest us how to improve StudyLib For complaints, use another anerica. It okea a slew of controversial incidents besetting the company in early Do you agree with this idea? To manufacture beautiful, durable furniture at low prices is not so easy. September to August