The main channel connecting the various shrimp ponds opens up at an angle of to the longitudinal axis of the mainstream of the river. It is also a significant exporter of commodities such as gold and lumber. Environment, Development and Sustainability 3 1: The flooding that created the Lake Volta reservoir displaced many people and had a significant impact on the local environment. Views Read Edit View history.

Click here for larger version. It is slightly drier in the South East, where savannah vegetation dominates rather than the tropical forests of the West. All of these larger scale environmental impacts will all further compound the problems surrounding disruptions to local economic activities and associated, difficult human welfare conditions. Most or practically all the activities meant to address the problems are ongoing. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Akosombo Dam. Ghana is a large Country in West Africa that is home to over 23 million people with a population that is growing.

case study akosombo dam

The reliance on gravity ensured that no energy was required to supply water to the shrimp ponds, which also connected with the main waterway or water canal through short water canals, also at a gradient downstream. Retrieved from ” https: The project saw the flooding of part of the Volta River basin and its upstream fields. The combined power output of the two dams has since sustained the nation’s domestic and industrial power needs.

The other main focus in Northern Ghana is to provide safe drinking water.

The dxm problems that arose from the creation of artificial lakes behind the Akosombo and the Kpong dams on the Volta River have been disturbing because of their social and political ramifications. Retrieved 8 May About six in ten small-scale farmers are poor, and many are women. McGill Journal of Medicine 3: The Volta Basin Research Project VBRP ; a multidisciplinary research organisation, was set up by the University of Ghana in with a mission of maximising the benefits and mitigation or minimising the negative effects on the environment, of the stufy of the Volta River at Akosombo.


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This, in turn, changed or modified the existing physical, biological and socio-economic environment of the people above and below the Akosombo dam and created conditions for which explosive outbreaks of water-borne diseases such as urinary schistosomiasis also known as bilharziasis were found to be very high.

This, along with run-off from nearby cattle stocks and sewage pollution, has caused eutrophication of the river waters. How developed is Ghana? Creek agriculture diminished because there natural flooding no longer left rich alluvial deposits that improved soil fertility in the overlying upland areas. Archived from the original on 16 May River fishing, Creek fishing and, Clam picking an activity predominantly controlled by women.

Volta Lake, Ghana, taken in April Increased human migration within the area has been driven by poverty and unfavorable resettlement conditions.

case study akosombo dam

The stuy constraint associated with this method was the reluctance of members of the community to get involved atudy no payments were forthcoming. Lucia Project a multi-year comparison trial of schistosomiasis control strategie,s “Water and Sanitation-Related Diseases and the Changing Environment: Akosombo Dam CivilEngineer, Maria Gkouma, tells us about the Akosombo Dam which was first conceived by geologists in as a way to provide electricity.

WaterAid are trying to invest in pumps to correct this major problem, and you can find out how here.


Also questionnaires were administered to the inhabitants of the ddam sample with questions covering some socio-economic variables studdy as income levels and employment status, among other things, to establish the level of success of the intervention. The migratory habits of the fishermen ensured the spread of the disease from endemic areas to other areas. Other problems included the Volta itself — the river flooded insetting the project back three months as workers had to dredge stretches of the river bed again.


Click zkosombo for larger version. Ghana is a large Country in West Africa that is home to over 23 million people with a population that is growing. The Akosombo Dam was built by engineering firm Impregilo. The implementation process involved various components with entirely different methodologies and reflects the multi-faceted nature of the impacts of studg dam on the environment. Traditional farming practices have also been lost as the fertile soils of the River Volta are now under the Lake.

Artificial shrimp farms were established in the Lower Volta communities using very simple and inexpensive methods.

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The worst hit economic activities in the downstream communities are: Change career Any age. The most vulnerable groups were fishermen and school children.

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