On the large black box with lots of menacing, red, numbered buttons. Arguments are expressed with variable relevance, logic and development. This is not a straightforward piece to assess. Did you know that most people are unable to name a politician, artist or scientist while young school kids aspire to play for the England national team. A button for every student. The maximum mark for the portfolio is 50, of which 40 marks are for Writing and 10 for Reading Assignment 3.

Many candidates who write at great length cannot sustain content or style effectively. Format features often help students focus on the intended sense of audience and purpose of their writing, but it is the substantive quality of their expression that is most important. My position is that the whole industry is over-blown. Care should be taken when typing work. Arguments are expressed in a competent series of relevant points and a clear attempt is made to develop some of them. Secondly, when you are preparing the portfolios at the end of the course, you reconsider all of the writing in the three assignments and give a single mark out of This piece of writing continues for one more side, discussing the problem of litter and making some practical alternative suggestions for the venue and arrangements for the festival.

This assignment is similar in purpose to Question 1 of Paper 3 in the courseworrk examination where the main emphasis in the award of 10 couraework is placed on the evaluation of reading material. The dates for the submission of this form will be detailed in the Cambridge Administrative Guide.

Lying in her bed she remembers how she used to be when she was young: However, we cannot give permission to Centres to photocopy any material that is acknowledged to a third party even for internal use within a Centre.


cambridge igcse 0522 coursework mark scheme

Further help We hope that this handbook provides a thorough madk to the requirements and criteria for the setting and assessment of coursework in IGCSE First Language English. What am I going to do??? Very simple meanings are attempted, but most of the work is too inaccurate and blurred to make sense.

Coursework Training Handbook 0500, 0522 and 0524 Cambridge IGCSE

While it is possible for all the set teachers to meet for this purpose, it is expensive on staff time, and the process takes longer because different teachers have to see large numbers of portfolios and agree on the marks, which can take a great deal of discussion.

This writing is a good fit to Mark Band 4. Well this was a totally new experience. This is available on the Teacher Support site http: Remember to use at least two of the Mark Band descriptions for each judgement; then decide on a Band and lastly on a mark. Imagine if the fellow is driving a vehicle that has the latest technology.

A clear attempt is made to present facts, ideas and opinions in an orderly way, although there may be some insecurity in the overall structure. Against the criteria, you cannot argue that it successfully represents the mental and emotional confusion. Every time a new person went over the cliff, a new set of tears spilled out of my eyes. With these qualities sustained throughout, this piece does not belong in Mark Band 2, where they would be expected to appear less consistently.

Your father and I decided to name her after a goddess. Secondly, when you are preparing the portfolios at the end of the course, you reconsider all of the writing in the three assignments and give a single mark out of My dad, who owns an insurance company, offered me a job in his office and I had to accept. If you read through the descriptions for Mark Band 3, you will probably agree that this piece of writing meets all of them although the range of sentence structures is a little narrow in some parts of the writing and exceeds the comment about competent writing.


It is sometimes useful to compare the style of Assignment 3 with that of Assignment 1.

Coursework Training Handbook , and Cambridge IGCSE

For each assignment that is missing, deduct a third of the marks for writing. It may cover any of the nine overlapping purposes given above: He thought that the existing rating system was sufficient. Courswwork yourself in a shower or bath with essence soap, preferably.

Predictably, the alcohol link is always there. Unless instructed otherwise, try to avoid sending too many portfolios that have the same mark. The use of occasional short paragraphs as of a media article is appropriate in this case. It may be decided that marks only need to be amended in a particular range of the marking, for example the bottom third.

cambridge igcse 0522 coursework mark scheme

Writing does not communicate cougsework. And there were a lot of funny black wires trailing from all the desks to a large box that Mr Wobble was now holding This piece has the competence and the comparative simplicity for a mark in Mark Band 3. Such assignments may be written with an audience of educated adults or younger students in mind.

A mark of 7 would be appropriate. It seemed alright, so I accepted to go.

The old woman is the persona of this poem.