Louis Structures Exhibit What were the purposes of Woodhenge? Through civic construction, Cahokia’s elite created highly visible expressions of the power that mobilized that labor in the first place. Ancient sky watching was merely one empirical component for constructing a sacred geography. The site contains a variety of settlements from A. Most often compared to an ocean of grass, the prairies too could be terrifyingly vast. The labor of erecting the posts, backfilling the trench around them with soil, tamping down the fill, collecting and preparing cordage and ropes to lash or interweave the supports with cross members, and other finishing operations such as mixing and applying daub plaster which could make logs last longer brings the total to nearly , work hours.

Also how some would rather preserve a structure that is half standing and leave it in its state than to see it rebuilt and looking as it. It is helpful if the groups visit the exhibits on a rotating basis so no one area becomes overcrowded. Because authority in this community was always in contention, the community was stabilized through the use of symbols which legitimized the status of the elite. How is a mound excavated? What items were made from natural fibers?

City of the Sunprovides a stimulating introduction to Cahokia and the people who built this great city.

Mouns is important to remember that you are not just renovating a building; you are returning it to its original condition, the state by which its historic significance is predicated upon. In contrast, the mounds represented an intricate system in which the relationships of different community and polity groups were ordered. Grades 4 — 6 Begin with the orientation show in the theater.

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Skywatching has always been a vital part of Native Americans’ life, and it has influenced their religious beliefs, agricultural practices, social organization, and landscape architecture. It displays the role of Seattle during this period when many ventured north to become rich. The work of the human hand in marking a portion of the terrifying vastness with an ordered place gave material form to the workings of the human mind, orienting the self and the community within the scheme of things.


What important days were marked with a pole?

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Download PDF updated February Many eastern and midwestern Native American tribes that we know from historical records divided not only the physical aspects of their villages but their social order according to the cosmological principles of their religion. Ask the chaperons to help the children interpret moounds exhibits.

In this way powerful chiefs and their affiliated ruling class could perpetuate their control and position.

cahokia mounds essay

Each mound ranges in size, with some measuring only a few centimeters high to some measuring over 80 feet high. What items were made from natural fibers? Tall structures demonstrate vigor and success.

We also investigate the stockade wall, climb to the top of Essaay Mound, and race around Woodhenge. These adults should be with the children as they visit the exhibit areas and Museum Shop. Erecting a woodhenge was complicated; it involved digging large bathtub-shaped foundation holes, aligning and measuring, and coordinating the work of pulling the posts upright see figure 53 below.

cahokia mounds essay

An excerpt from Cahokia: A person with a stone ax can fell two nine-inch-diameter trees in an hour, meaning that 10, work hours would be needed just to obtain the raw material.

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Culture And Geography Effects Of The Mississippi River words – 5 pages original site of the settlement is not now in Louisiana at all, but on the other side of the river, in the State of Mississippi. Only strong social control and political power can make possible such large-scale changes in the civic fabric. This text may be used and shared in accordance with the fair-use provisions of U.


As the Cahokia site expanded, the Mississippians began using agriculture as a means of food production. We encourage you to view the video at the beginning of your visit, as the presentation will lead you to seek answers to questions and more details about what you have seen in this show when you follow up with a tour of the exhibit gallery.

How many times was it rebuilt? Height is also a metaphor for power, and the Cahokian elite were powerful people. Snakes, frogs, and fish appear as emblems of the lower world. How was the labor force organized and motivated?

Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site Essay

Bailey gives one good example for the Osage:. What was the size and population of the City of Cahokia?

Here he digs in the soft sandy soil by pushing his prod down with his moujds, equally distant from the central place; ewsay first to the North, the second to the West, the third to the South and the fourth to the East.

Midterm words – 6 pages be the most interesting is the schools of thought surrounding the field of preservation, and the ways in which individuals throughout history have worked to preserve historic places. Where did previous mound builders live? A Microcosm on Earth The Midwest not only lacked natural heights, it was also devoid of limits, borders, or boundaries. Educational Kits are an excellent resource to enable the students to touch and experience hands-on activities.