I am and was so encouraged to see all these women of faith. We are empty shells. He stumbled and paid the price like we all do. Moses warns to be careful not to turn to other gods. BSF was the key to my heart transformation of making Christ the Lord of my life.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. How wonderful BSF now has on line capabilities and is reaching more folks than ever. Every disciple was incredulous. My friend because through the tough times she still gives God the glory. At the close of , 7, BSF members studied in online groups throughout more than countries! He was the official high priest during the ministry and the trial of Jesus AD. If I had to do that every year, there would be no room for me to store them.

Thank God for all bsf groups and leaders. Being able to do this class online has been a life saver for me….

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It is tempting to think Jacob kept Joseph back from tending the flock because he wanted to protect him. He blesses us to do His work and not ours. To tell their children of the past and urge them to obey as well.


Whatever you believe, what matters is what your heart believes: Paul continues from Romans What a strategic God we serve! He was the closest to God a person can be.

BSF Study Questions The Life of Moses Lesson 29, Day 2: Deuteronomy 33:1-5

Their teachings wine is as fatal as poison. You make the call. Wounds would be his blood and mises our healing and righteousness 1 John 1: Lesson 19, Day 5: God is there always and we should feel forever humbled and grateful and reverent for what He has done. The Life of Moses is divided into four parts: Obedience would be key as the Hojework engaged in battles with the occupants of the Promised Land.

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Jane Maule on February 8, at 8: Salvation is not universal. He asks for forgiveness first, then to cure his sister. Hence, their hearts were hard and they paid the ultimate price. Susan on February 2, at 2: If you have Jesus, you can do anything!

Then God pleads for them to return. Hello Rose, You can join an online class through this link: Here Jesus emphasizes the difference.


I was diagnosed with an illness which is incurable, mostly invisible, homweork has a deep stigma attached to it. God will do this because He loves us and offers us grace and mercy and forgiveness.

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Born in the 21st century where life is considerably easier. Simeon was a curse—they disappeared as indicated here when they are not mentioned although they are given a portion of the promised land—this prophecy was still many centuries to come. I can misinterpret things said to me and then I respond and then I look like homeowrk fool and end up having to apologize.

bsf homework moses

Frances Florence Goetz on February 11, at 2: I do want to not piss people off. Thank you With much regards and prayers, Shirly Milton. Wow, the many ways God is at work in and through BSF! Alice Freeman on January 31, moess 3: Carolyn Cappo on January 31, at 1: