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I had that 'Ack! Did I piss myself?' in the past when I smoked weed, and It did come and go within week or two. I have no clue why, but all the sudden I'd be scared I pissed myself. Now it pissing pants? - The Psychedelic Experience. WakeWorld Discussion Board: Pee your pants? Joyce. Age: 29. I love to execute a very special range of escort services for all my clients Just for you, Doc, I had already been given the Ativan, knocked out, and moved to a room upstairs when my Priest stopped in. My year-old son wet his pants three times this week. THere has not been a change in medication or diet or stress level. He hasn't done this since h. Virus. Age: 30. My name is Dana and I am a 5'4", chocolate woman with a sweet peach and soft curves, who's looking to have a good time with you! You Were So Scared You Peed Your Pants? I Puckered Up! Aug 30, - I thought you were supposed to pee in your wetsuit because then you have warm fluids running all over your body keeping you nice and toasty! What's funny is my 6 year-old niece last year wouldn't pee her pants at the lake like we told her to do. She made us drive to the dock and take her to a restroom. Jul 9, - Perks of being in the PYP club: 1) Discounts on all hygiene products 2) Cutting in line at the restrooms 3) Discounts when buying 3 or more pairs of pants/shorts/undies to replace ones we've just soaked 4) A free pass to glare at anyone able to make it to the restroom before wetting them self 5) The right to.

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Vasilisa. Age: 23. Thank you to read more about me Mar 4, - Good evening. May all be well. I have heard/read people say they were so scared they peed their pants! I can kinda/sorta understand that reaction. I answered that yes some day Nana would pass away. She got sad and gave my grandmother a hug and then in the most innocent way she looked up at her and asked “Then who is going to take care of my kids?” I thought my grandmother would pee her pants she was laughing so loud Too Cute!!! Anyone eles throw up so hard they pee their pants? I can go to the bathroom and still pee myself. When I'm really sick I go through all my underwear and hand towels trying to catch it. NO A PRETTY sight LOL! 0 0 0.


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