The subject is specific, the themes are general and are able to be related to common human experience. When she, Nancy, George, and Jim head off to the beach, Eilis examines the surroundings as they go. Toibin suggests that the migrant experience will always be characterised by a sense of underlying loss as well as opportunity. Her eventual sexual relationship with him provides comfort and a strange sense of gratitude born of her incredible loneliness. She, however, does not return the love of either with anything approaching the same intensity. She simply burrows further into a situation that she knows will not bring her long-term happiness. There are many different values such as:

Critical Readings Close Passage Analysis. The protagonist and the main characters are carefully crafted by the author so that the reader is able to discern the underlying motivations for their behaviour. She was nobody here. As they drove through Blackwater village she almost pointed out the places she knew, such as Mrs. By doing this, Eilis encouraged each of the men to love her. However, there is also a sense of continuity and consistency which enables Eilis to seamlessly merge with her former life and because of her added sense of confidence, she earns respect and admiration. It was not just that she had no friends and family; it was rather that she was a ghost in this room, in the streets on the way to work, on the shop floor.

What does the title tell us about the significance of place in this text? However, it also becomes a place that provides Eilis with the opportunity to renew herself and carve an independent future without the strong shadows cast by her family.

brooklyn colm toibin essay vce

Toibin suggests that the migrant experience will always be characterised by a sense of underlying loss as well as opportunity. Her past continues to haunt her in the figure of Miss Kelly who reminds her of her inability to stay.

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Accordingly, Eilis tries to supply the missing links. A text can convey many different values through its various characters and narrative perspectives.

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Evidently, Enniscorthy represents many of the positive attributes of home such as comfort, security and familiarity, but it is also a place that divides Brookljn from herself in many subtle ways.

All of this putting out of mind thoughts of the future and people absent can only lead to problems.

brooklyn colm toibin essay vce

How the things that seemed so real — work, esday, friends, love — could seem so remote once you were somewhere else with new work, a new home and new love. On the other hand, the ideas and values the text explores also exist outside the world of the text.

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The letters once again remind her of absence; they become a symbol of the loss that tugs at the heart. She shares a cabin with Georgina, who is suitably sophisticated, forthright and wise.

brooklyn colm toibin essay vce

Some characters in the novel are referred to as Miss or Mrs. Suddenly, she shivered in fear and turned, making her way down the stairs and towards him in the lobby as quickly as she could.

Brooklyn by Colm Tóibín

Toibin’s portrayal of Eilis’ character illustrates one’s ability to find strengths in time of hardship. She wished she had a real friend among the lodgers whom she could consult. By comparison her new home and her new life are inconsequential and unsubstantial. Jim, for example, becomes imbued with a sense of nostalgia that Tony will never brookllyn, because of cklm sense of loss and disappointment attached to their relationship.

She conceals details that signal her growing independence and confidence to make personal choices.

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Coincidentally, too, the lugubrious winter weather reflects her sense of gloominess. She seems to have little will of her own. Jim spoke like someone who could easily be hurt. This sense of fading and unreality is related to her passivity and is repeated throughout the novel.


There was something helpless about him as he stood there; his willingness to be happy, his eagerness she saw, made him oddly vulnerable. Make sure that you substantiate your point of view by close reference to the text. How do you explain her confusion?

She almost smiled at the thought of it, then closed her eyes and tried to imagine nothing more. Toibin exploits this by giving us so little of Eilis besides her seeming tokbin.

Is she a fully developed character? Instead of feeling that her life in America is meaningless, it is her old Irish life that seems to her alien and empty.

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Her solution to homesickness works. However, the author will not suggest that all of these viewpoints are equally valid, or that the author shares the values expressed by every character. Initially, the workplace setting at Bartoccis is also formidable, especially the sale that takes place three weeks after she begins her new job.

Contrastingly, on the positive side, Eilis has inherited the personal strength from her mother, and her pride and dignity prompt her return.