Project Gallery Project Gallery. It is this surreal nature of timeless power and beauty that inspired me particularly the works of one, Salvadore Dali a renowned artist. He said Pret means ready to wear. Visa Manual Consulting Agency. They want to look fashionable in every dress they wear. The body of work which includes his ‘Maze Rings’ and the ‘OCC Locket’ narrate a personal struggle and each piece mimics that in a subtle way through clever mechanisms and functionality.

Thank You for your subscription!. He said Pret means ready to wear. Pages Liked by This Page. Over the years, SVAD at BNU has managed to bring a fresh approach to visual arts in Pakistan by questioning and dismantling some conventional modes and means of artistic production, thereby encouraging alternate material for expression. Film is a very powerful medium as it creates a sense of space and imagination for the viewer.

She transforms her discomfort into delightful three-dimensional paintings that graze over her nostalgia. The social, the religious and the ethereal sync with her bodily experience of spirituality as thesks recollects her memories through symbolic and indexical objects associated with the monuments.

Film is a very powerful medium as it creates a sense of space and imagination for the viewer. The objectives of this project was to become sensitive towards phenomenological means of reading and communicating the city; using narrative as a guiding tool for understanding the distinct character of the city; and to experiment with architectural means of representation for conveying ones experiences.

His designs were highly acclaimed by fashionistas, teachers and visitors for the concept, cuts and elegance. Screen magic lures us and offers an interactive augmented space that has increasing algorithmic strength and artificial intelligence to manipulate memory and information as diwplay experience. Khytul Abyad takes the body as an experiencing medium that fills the gap between materiality and intangibility.


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bnu thesis display 2014

The objective of this three-week project was to use gravity as a source of reference and architectural realization; to find the center of gravity of a given object; to strategize in a hanging object, in self-stabilizing and load distribution around a fulcrum; to stabilize the object, using bnuu weights once the fulcrum has been re-positioned; and, to understand how the change in weight distribution brings about a shift in the center of gravity.

Niyas explores the materiality of this medium through digital collages and interface interventions. The 4-day degree show featured thesis works of 53 young artists, in the fields of fashion design, textile design, visual art, visual communication design and jewelry and accessory design. Hassan, thankyou for coming and we’re glad yhesis had a wonderful fisplay.

Sana Waqar invents queer methods, tools and strategies to interpret days of her summer last year. This market is empty and offers promising opportunities to young designers.

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Sivasubramaniam Kajendran captures moments that have scarred his memories of war, disaster, and distress during three decades of his life in Srilanka. Projects by Displlay Students The photographs and descriptions given below showcase selected work being done by our students.

bnu thesis display 2014

It serves as a referential measure for our sensory and physical environment. Thank You for your subscription!.

Sections of this page. The photographs and descriptions given below showcase selected work being done by our students. Plase share your handle so we can tag you! A display of amazing young talent.

Thesis works by graduates of UMISAA, BNU at the Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts, BNU campus.

Visa Manual Consulting Agency. Possible career paths for graduates are in teaching in art, design or related fields P, higher education and non-institutional settingsarts advocacy, educational and cultural policy development, curriculum development, museum education, art academia, teacher education and educational research BNU SVAD MAAE admissions art design masters education lahore arteducation MS MPhil MFA.


Zain Arshad develops an online archive, Raither Vasaibon the history and culture of Cholistan. And the manner in which he shows time itself becoming insignificant when measured against the slowly breaking dreams of a man… shocking. Through logical dispaly and mathematical acuity, she records a set of bodily rhymes and patterns and transforms them into another sensory thess by creating an interactive musical wind instrument!

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Power is human and it is blood. Qingqi Project Project Gallery. His painting, The Persistence of Memory set my imagination on fire. Architects have a developed sensibility towards reading an object and the relation of its scale with respect to the space it occupies. Through grouping these areas together in three different configurations, the students were introduced to the challenges of solar orientation, privacy and relationship to the neighbors while understanding the essential qualities of spaces within a dwelling.

People have also started showing interest in Pret. The body, in her work, becomes a carrier of spiritual existence as the artist displsy experiences of living around shrines in her hometown Anantnag, Kashmir.