8mm mauser stripper clips non corosive

I was recently able to get my hands on a few cases of 8mm Mauser all in 5 round stripper clips and in cloth bandoleers. The gun I intended to shoot it Takes all the corrosive salts out with not a problem, then a couple of solvent patches, dry patches and then oil up the bore lightly. Swab it out before you. An Error Has Occurred! Jasmine. Age: 24. Elegance, style and distinction are the words wich describe me perfectly physically and mentally On Samco's page, it says it's Berdan primed. Methinks this is the best deal online , that I've found at least. Any recommendation on types of ammo to use for plinking around at the range? Along those same lines, any good recommendations on sources of that ammo? Now that I've got a bolt mm, I'd like to do a little shooting before it gets too cold. Inessa. Age: 26. Yours, elisabeth marie 8mm Mauser ammo non-corrosive source? I was searching and some Romanian Surplus (junge-generation.info) ammo popped up from Lucky Gunner. At least from online stock, I can only find the Romanian spam can stuff, thus on stripper clips. The only 8mm that is not corrosive is commercial stuff. The Surplus 8x57mm Mauser ammunition comes in two sealed cans of and has 5-round stripper clips. They are grain Surplus Ammunition 8x57mm Mauser (8mm Mauser) Grain Full Metal Jacket Corrosive Berdan Primed Steel Case 5-Round Stripper Clips Box of (2 Sealed Cans of ). Product.

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Jacky. Age: 19. Hi gentlemen, I am camilia new Asian escort in town with long black hair brown eyes and brown skin, standing at 165cm, 54 kg May 27, - I aquired some, what appears to be, 8mm Mauser ammo in stripper clips. O with one dot at the top of the O, then the C. The ammo is FMJ type with silverish bullets and all the stripper clips are in a thin coarse cloth carrying belt. If it is non-corrosive and not collector stuff I will find someone to shoot it up. Sep 18, - Just bought a Mauser 8mm. Any recommendations for the best sources (online or other) of non-corrosive ammo at a decent price? Thanks. May 27, - It's usually the least expensive option for 8mm ammo, and it can be identified by its Turkish crescent in the headstamps, one-piece brass clips, and crude . About fifteen years ago, someone I knew was putting Turkish 8x57mm ammo through his Gewehr 88 (he even called it was a Mauser), and not.


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