Don’t put items in the bibliography simply because they are relevant. Results returned to a calling procedure? A short tutorial will walk you through the main features to quickly get you started. What objects, properties, relationships, events etc. If necessary, add comments by hand to draw attention to interesting points. Important further information about Option B: These templates automatically format your manuscripts in the style required for submission to that journal.

By the end of the first few pages of chapter 1, your reader should have a very good idea of your main achievements, including whether you have written a program and if so what sorts of things it can and cannot do at least at a high level of abstraction. But make sure there are NO omissions. Don’t assume that just because you can understand French, Urdu, or Latin, or whatever, your readers can. You can find information on submitting your thesis, including forms and queries about content, submission dates, examination and degree-awarding procedures, from Research Student Administration RSA. If possible choose at least one author whose views are opposed to yours and discuss the issues in detail. Make sure that you are familiar with the University guidance on plagiarism and speak to your supervisor.

Who should I contact if I have questions about Overleaf or the Birmingham license? If you are not in the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences and find this service useful, please express your interest to your IT Manager.

Instructions on obtaining and installing xfig can be found at http: There are two main strategies that can be followed. Program output and tracing Give examples lstex “trace” printing produced by your program running, but make sure the examples are carefully selected to highlight interesting points. Think of the reader as a bright second year doctoral student in the same general area as yourself – but not working on the particular sub-topic.


Thesis guidance

Some environments may be nested. Imposing a new structure on previous work in the field is one way of making a contribution to knowledge. If you say that there is a relationship between two observables say WHAT it is. There is no point arguing against a view that only a fool would support. You can’t remember why you chose that method Does it test some hypothesis?

It is also advisable to have lots of section headings with a numbering scheme that shows the structure e. It is infuriating to read in the text about the item labelled X in Figure 4. What interactions can occur if it is an interactive program If possible give a grammar or other formal specification for its possible behaviours.

Lates to the Birmingham quick start guide to Overleaf. Some examiners insist that the thesis be written in good English even if you are not a native speaker of English. This includes negative characterisations: Each line is terminated with a thrsis backslash. Where it gets its inputs from: Laex than one package may be specified, either separated by commas in a single usepackage statement or by using multiple usepackage statements.


School of Computer Science – Research Student – Notes on presenting theses

Sections and sub-sections add structure to a document and assist in the generation of tables of content TOC. A thedis for student essays, designed specifically for the University of Birmingham.

Knuth around in order to provide him with the necessary tools to produce his legendary The Art Of Computer Programming series of books which are still being written and hbam other books. Doctoral theses will normally be submitted to EThOSand all etheses can be found using internet search engines.


bham thesis latex

Sometimes discussion of other work nicely sets the stage for your solution. The extensions provide the ability to draw lines in any slopes, draw discs and circles with any diameter that TeX supports and various other enhancements.

Too often either the text or a figure is changed without the other being changed too. Bhamm matter how good the student and the supervisor, examinations are always chancy and there is always the risk that examiners will require additional substantive work to be done, e. How did you know what program you were trying to write? Explain what would count as success or failure for your project.

Thesis guidance

Under the terms of option D neither the electronic nor hardbound copy of a thesis is made available for consultation during a designated embargo period. This helps the student locate gaps in the argument, ensures that the chapters are in the right order, ensures that there IS a message rather than a collection of disconnected thoughts, etc. Acknowledgements Several people at Sussex, and Alan Bundy in Edinburgh, have contributed useful suggestions, which led to revisions of early drafts.

bham thesis latex

Later on, either in a separate chapter, or distributed over several chapters, you can include “comparative evaluation” surveys to show in detail how your work extends or improves on others or how it doesn’t!