Depending on your answer the next question will be presented in the same case study, until you have worked your way through the 4 multiple choice questions for each of the three case studies. How the behavioural case study questions work. The point is to choose the best one, but even if you choose the second best, you will still progress further. Comments my Total Points: Some articles have Vimeo videos embedded in them. Stand near the entrance of the site until he sees someone. On a worksite being a supervisor has some responsibilities, and you will have to make safety-critical decisions every day, and this […].

If you are looking to […]. August 6, at No registration just straight forward questions and answers to help you practice for your cscs test online Continue Reading. When he gets to the plot Lee is concerned that the ladder is too short to get to the first floor safely. Personal protection equipment PPE is to be supplied by the employer to all workers and is a legal requirement.

The correct answer is Answer 1 and 2. Stand on the very top of the ladder and try to reach the item. In other tests it was wait in his wav and try again later.

As we all know a construction site can be a very dangerous place to work, hazards can develop in a matter of seconds and the way you respond and react to certain situations could make a big difference in the outcome. I hope this brief explanation of the behavioural case study questions has shed some light on what you can expect from these 12 questions.


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Behavioural Case Study Questions Practice

May 30, at 4: This is used to provide traffic data and reports to the authors of articles on the HubPages Service. When he gets to the plot Lee is concerned that the ladder is too short to get to the first floor safely. Once David has began to work, he discovers that a behavioral is to short to reach the level he requires. Take off the damaged protective equipment and continue working.

CSCS card case study mock exam and questions free for the CSCS test. UK.

Once the answer is chosen there is no going back, so consider carefully the answers that are offered. Go back home and give it another try the next day. Immediately request further clarification.

Get on with the job using the ladder. To acquire any level of cscs card from labourer to professional and qualified construction operativethe outlay of the exam are similar with 12 case study questions and 38 health and safety.

Please use the example question above to familiarize yourself with the structure of these case study questions and keep practicing with our other cscs mock test questions. If you continue to use queetions site we will assume that you are happy with it.

CSCS Behavioural Case Study Questions: Revision Guide

The remaining 12 questions will be the behavioural case study questions. We partner with Say Media to deliver ad campaigns on our sites. Cookie Policy Privacy Policy Disclaimer. This is used to display charts and graphs on articles and the author center. Fscs will result in ComScore only processing obfuscated personal data.


CITB Practice Behavioural Case Study Questions Exam

What should David do? But that is not the case in the construction industry. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

behavioural case study questions cscs

We have created a set of of 3 case studies with 12 questions in total for you to answer. With the core components of the original cscs test remaining the same, this new feature will test your reaction and behaviour towards different health and safety situations as the unfold onsite. It is imperative for all people wishing to take the CSCS examination to watch this short eleven minute film prior to taking the exam.

behavioural case study questions cscs

What should he do? June 12, at Use a wet towel and cover his nose and mouth Correct answer: Take his break as scheduled and then find a supervisor to report the dangling panel.

Companies and individual tradesmen can be fined if safety regulations are broken.