Yep, there is something on that in the Nacionalista thread, I wrote that Marcos was a great hope for many and people were very disappointed, throwing out Erap brought on Gloria. How does the BBL deal with this question? Rumor And the culture of corruption he fosters seems to trouble investors. You are commenting using your WordPress. March 30, at 1: Everyone wishes, even those who opposes it actively, that the Muslims in the South would finally find the answer to their problems. Obviously those making the black propaganda against Noynoy think that the members of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee are like some Filipino judges.

The man on the right of the Feldherrenhalle is Prince Wrede, who fought as a general when Bavaria sided with Napoleon against other German states. There are many Sharia families in Islam, according the bases the apply. Like the Yugoslavian generation that saw the Germans do the same to them, the generation of Marshall Tito, and strove to become tough and patriotic as a reaction. Opposite Stella across Aurora Blvd: How can peace be assured if the government is only consulting to one side. Some concerns pop up in my mind:

Volunteers please to read and summarize the parts in italics. Economic aspects Section 4. I think it is from Mark Twain.

Bangsamoro Basic Law

I further agree that State and Church should be separate. A critical analysis on the Bangsamoro Basic Law, this article also poses reasons why the Bangsamoro Basic Law is a violation of the Constitution. It is therefore important to prevent rent-seekers from within the ranks of Bangsamoro itself from hogging the profits and hindering competitive growth.

What the Moros want for themselves they should give others. Internationally accepted meaning of http: Well, the Philippines is a land of 7, islands and languages.


bangsamoro basic law thesis statement

The Palace nominating Noynoy would be practically self-nomination, those in Oslo would say Skol and laugh a hearty Nordic laugh after being stern and serious for 3 seconds.

Why was such a cockeyed BBL approved for issue in the first place. Actually all three possibilities are in my opinion nonsense and not bantsamoro good solutions. The Islamic Golden Age lasted for five centuries —and not only two centturies — I live abroad, if fhesis really go crazy I go home just for short vacations thats it.

Those people probably eat snakes as well as frogs.

The larger groups will have representatives in the parliament. If promulgated and implemented, this would abolish the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao. Secession from the Republic of the Philippines.

The peace of the region can encourage foreign investors to establish businesses. Checking for constitutionality and going for charter change is a job for lawyers.

I took care of the duplicate paragraph, but. The difficulty in writing any contract is tying to consider what the words mean in some future context, when surprises arise. If had anything to decide, I would theoretically even make a deal like that part of the price for Bangsamoro autonomy. The Moros inspite of the trail of blood, theirs and ours should now be our compatriots. I still hope there is enough time for congress to pass this, together with other priority bills. Not enough Central Government control.

The Bangsamoro Basic Law needs time. Along with the state, the NGOs of Turkey have an increasing role in this geography.

Bangsamoro Basic Law Research Papers –

Sup on A Message to the Enlightened F…. Fourth, and one you have staetment, a form of government that recognizes the many subordinate tribes or clans or governments and gives them a voice in their future.


Tagalog ng ang salita ko. As a concerned Pinoy in Europe, living among clever Catholic Bavarians, who have state receptions with lots of bishops in them and where the village priest and mayor still run things in the countryside, with a Bavarian Lutheran top dog IT lawyer, one of the best corporate counsels there are and former trial lawyer as lawyer and friend who is married to a Lutheran Indonesian woman of the Batak tribe in Sumatra and understands Malays, I will watch what is important to the future of the country, so I do not go home to Lebanon.

bangsamoro basic law thesis statement

Another man in my old-boy network is a German businessman married to an Indonesian who is a coach and intermediary for Germans who do business with and in Indonesia, also very familiar with the Filipino way of doing things and with business links to everywhere.

Given this reality, it is imperative that a new form of governance be explored that will unite the country in spite of its diversity.

bangsamoro basic law thesis statement

Some Moro rebels do not see themselves as Filipinos and may want to secede from the Republic of the Philippines. If you reduce it to a government statemeent.