Aan het einde van het eerste jaar maak je de keuze tussen Algemene Economie of Bedrijfseconomie. Beroepen waarin veel afgestudeerden terechtkomen zijn accountant, beleggingsadviseur, financieel manager, ondernemer en wetenschappelijk onderzoeker. Successful studying depends on many different factors, so it is understandable that you may need to consult an impartial expert with whom you can discuss your study progress and personal circumstances.. Eerste jaar In het eerste jaar leg je een stevige basis met zowel algemeen economische als bedrijfseconomische vakken. For more information, please check our site at http: Strategies of firms and governments have to be adjusted to changing international circumstances. Would you like to become an economic expert in topics such as financial decision-making by firms, fiscal or monetary policy of governments, or trade and international business?

What is the best way to run an organization? This small-scale approach enhances contact between students and between students and lecturers. Together with other first-years, you will participate in a mentor group. A Master’s degree in Finance offers career opportunities in corporate finance, corporate governance, financial markets and portfolio management, with job opportunities at multinationals such as PwC, Google, Coca-Cola, or Toyota. Please contact your study advisor as soon as possible if you have any questions about the BSA system.

When you are writing your Bachelor’s thesis, you will use this skill.

Economics and Business Economics

A Master’s degree in Economics may lead you to the world of banking, where you might become an analyst or financial advisor, or you could work in the policy department of a central bank, perhaps analysing the impact of monetary and economic policy. De tweede helft van het derde jaar rond je de bacheloropleiding af met een verdere verdieping in je specialisatierichting en het schrijven een bachelorscriptie.


Beroepen waarin veel afgestudeerden terechtkomen zijn accountant, beleggingsadviseur, financieel manager, ondernemer en wetenschappelijk onderzoeker. The programme will give you the theoretical tools and analytical skills needed to address complex issues. The world has become more and more integrated by increasing international trade and international capital flows.

During the subject Accounting, we went to KLM’s head office to put the theory into practice. After finishing the Bachelor’s degree, you can continue as a master student at the University of Groningen.

OSIRIS – Onderwijsaanbod MAN-BIMBE

The groups are relatively small with easy approachable teachers. Proefstuderen Meld je nu aan. Building on the broad foundation provided in the first year, you and your fellow students will continue with courses such as Monetary Macroeconomics, Trade Policy and Economic Integration, Tuesis Organization, Finance, Mathematics, Economics of Banking and Econometrics. Heb je gekozen voor Bedrijfseconomie? In het eerste jaar kun je werkcolleges zowel in het Nederlands als in het Engels volgen.

Menu Toggle navigation Opleidingen Opleidingen home Hoe kies je een studie? For students with the International Economics and Business profile, a stay abroad is compulsory. Contact If you want to know more about the programme Economics and Business Economics, please contact: Deze check heet VU Matching en bestaat uit twee stappen: Dit alles biedt jou goede perspectieven op de arbeidsmarkt.

A Master’s degree in International Economics and Business will provide you with the credentials to work for a multinational or any kind of governmental institutions or international organizations.

bachelor thesis bedrijfseconomie

A Master’s degree in Finance offers graduates attractive career opportunities in many different areas. What I like about the study is that I have a lot of options and I can determine my own direction as a student. International Economics deals with international trade, the internationalization choices of firms and the consequences for e. Aan het einde van het eerste jaar maak je de keuze tussen Algemene Economie of Bedrijfseconomie.


Met bedirjfseconomie verplichte studiekeuzecheck bekijken we of er een match bestaat. Economie en Bedrijfseconomie It’s bacnelor economy, stupid! Are you interested in problems of globalization and development?

Dutch students International students. You will write a short research paper, an essential aspect of academic life.

bachelor thesis bedrijfseconomie

At the end of the third year you will write your Bachelor’s thesis. Define the contours of the own competences concerning knowledge and skills regarding to a following studyprogramme, new learning goals and ways.

The mentor, a senior student, will help you learn the ins and outs of the faculty. Therefore, in this profle, a wide range of bachflor is addressed, like banking, fiscal and monetary policy issues, the origins of economic growth, decisions made by consumers on markets, and strategic behaviour and competition between firms on markets.

We were one of the banks that financed the A15, a motorway connecting Maasvlakte 2 to Rotterdam. Eenmaal afgestudeerd ben je in trek op de arbeidsmarkt.

Matching 29 mei of 11 juni De VU vindt het belangrijk dat jij goed past bij ons en deze opleiding.