CES – Overall , All sub bands minimum The following dual programs are available with the Bachelor of Arts: It is a large discipline that covers topics like brain function, memory, conscious experience, lifespan development and social behaviour, as well as the full spectrum of functional and dysfunctional behaviour. Career outcomes Writing skills are in demand in practically every industry, sector and field you can think of. Apply now to UQ. As a student in the Korean major, you’ll understand different ways of thinking about and appreciating Korea’s diverse history and rich cultural traditions. It will depend on the area of study undertaken, since some are specialised areas that lead in specific directions – such as Psychology, Journalism, or Languages.

Courses also look at honorifics in Korean language and variations in South and North Korean expressions. Graduates also work in arts administration, communications, journalism, writing and blogging, and in various production roles like researcher or location manager. UQ for full information about your program structure, rules and requirements. As a student of history you’ll learn about cause and consequence, change and continuity, and you’ll also focus on the study of people and their attitudes, motivations and prejudices. How to apply Applications must be lodged via the UQ International. Structure your program into two single majors; or an extended major and a minor; or one single major and two minors.

It typically takes the form of 1 a work of prose of approximately 30, words; or 2 a poetry manuscript of approximately 48 pages; or 3 a screenplay for a short feature film; or another short creative writing project related to television, stage or radio production as approved by the advisory team.

You will develop critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills through the courses that transfer usefully to other domains and contexts.

Bachelor of Creative Arts (Honours) – – The University of Queensland, Australia

As a student in the Economics major, you’ll understand how individuals, communities, companies and governments make choices every day, weighing up the costs and benefits of their decisions. You will engage with industry professionals in the course of the program and will gain the expertise to become leaders in your chosen field.


bachelor of creative writing uq

UQ for full information about your program structure, rules and requirements. Gain the essential written communication creatuve critical thinking skills to make yourself job ready in this changing economy.

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If you’re interested in topics like women, femininity, masculinity, sexuality, feminism and related areas — Gender Studies is for you. The Bachelor of Creatvie is accredited by:. As a student in the English major, you’ll study topics as varied as film and television, Shakespeare, digital media, and grammar. The Australian Government has simplified the visa application process.

They critically analyse the causes and consequences of social problems, and provide arguments about possible reasons for inequality — and how to address them. Studies in Religion is about reflecting on and understanding religious traditions, questions and values, and the Studies in Religion major offers a critical, creatkve approach to a range of faiths and spiritual experiences.

Graduates of the Archaeology major develop skills in written communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, creatvie methods and interpersonal understanding.

bachelor of creative writing uq

Please see the course list if you are unsure which courses you can do in your program. You will develop your capacity to use English across a range of intercultural and multilingual settings, and to work effectively in workplaces that are multilingual, multicultural and globally interconnected.

Writing Single Major

Admissions criteria Go to Program details for more information. Visit the Future Students website for admissions information.

Graduates of the Film and Television Studies major typically work in a broad range of roles in areas like education, festivals and events, publicity, off, film culture organisations, and screen corporations and film distributors.

The course of study will provide you with an introductory set of skills that you can use in a contemporary workplace or in a career where clear writing and creative communication in print or digital modes are required. The Journalism and Mass Communication major will teach you about the key ideas in global journalism, mass communication and digital media.

In what month do semesters at UQ start? Graduates of the BA go on to many areas of employment.


bachelor of creative writing uq

Benefit from a program that maintains a close connection to the publishing industry and offers courses that focus on contemporary writing, editing, and publishing practices. Whether you’re interested in the French language because it’s one of the major diplomatic languages, or simply because you like how it sounds, you need to understand something about France bachelo French-speaking people. This major focuses on theatre through time and across cultures — you’ll encounter the entire spectrum of theatre practice from Antiquity to the present day, and most stops in between.

Classical Greek and Latin will provide you with reading and writing skills in two of the oldest languages in the world.

Why study the Bachelor of Creative Arts (Honours)?

The Latin American Studies minor provides a broad introduction to the factors that shape the diverse cultures of Latin America, including the Indigenous peoples of the continent, the cdeative of European conquistadors and colonisers, the ideals of independence, and the contemporary continental order under the influence of the US. Course level Undergraduate Faculties are the major organisational units with responsibility for academic programs. This program allows you to choose from over 40 study areas across the humanities, social sciences and languages, giving you the opportunity to study the subjects you love.

Career outcomes Graduates of the Philosophy typically work in a range of careers in areas including government, ethics, law, public policy, social science, education, arts and culture, and business. CES – Overall and in all sub bands. The Political Science major involves the study of political structures, processes and policies in Australia and other societies.

cgeative Language courses are available for beginning and intermediate students. View Australian fees and costs. You’ll also develop stronger visual literacy and a broad understanding of art traditions.