He was also drawn into the Indian National Congress. Birbal, a well-known social worker of Kanpur. Metrology was used for the first time in river valley projects, irrigation projects and in the navy. His contribution to the Green Revolution in India and modernising Indian agriculture, during his two tenures as Union Agriculture Minister are still remembered, especially during drought when he was asked to hold the additional portfolio to tide over the food crisis. Scholarship was offered for the first time for pilot training in flying clubs.

He modernized the railways and extended its network to different parts of the country. Retrieved 15 June In the Constituent Assembly [12] he advocated for the rights of Dalits and argued for affirmative action based on caste in elected bodies and government services. India defeated Pakistan in the war when he was the defence minister. Retrieved 27 August

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Upon the premature death of his father, Jagjivan and his mother Vasanti Devi were left in a harsh economic situation. Inhe became the youngest minister in Jawaharlal Nehru ‘s provisional government and also the subsequent First Indian Cabinet, as a Labour Ministerwhere he is credited for laying the foundation for several labour welfare policies in India.

babu jagjivan ram essay in telugu

China is one of those. He was in the Central Parliamentary Board from to Serving with Charan Singh.


Babu Jagjivan Ram

Cotton Gokhale Naoroji R. Jagjivan Ram imbibed his idealism, humanitarian values and resilience from his father, who was of a religious disposition and the Mahant of the Shiv Narayani Sect.

babu jagjivan ram essay in telugu

Since India has installed 1,50, flood lights on… Read More The following were the Members of the Interim Government: The next year, i. To know more, please read our privacy policy by clicking here. Jagjivn chose to go with the nationalists and joined Congress, which wanted him not only because he was valued as an able spokesperson for the depressed classes, but also that he could counter B.

babu jagjivan ram essay in telugu

Starting his public life as a student activist and freedom fighter, he went on jagjvian become a Legislator at the young age of 28 in the yearas a nominated member of the Bihar Legislative Council. He worked as the Minister of Defence β€”74 making him the virtual No.

By the time Jagjivan Ram died on 6 Julythe political fortunes of another powerful Dalit leader β€” Kanshi Ram β€” were on the rise. Retrieved 12 September He enforced the labour laws strictly.

Jagjivan Ram

Through these Organizations he involved the depressed classes in the freedom struggle. Retrieved 27 August Babu Jagjivan Ram National Foundation.

Secretariat, Lok Sabha Jagjivan Ram was born at Chandwa near Arrah in Bihar. Retrieved from ” https: He reviewed the old regulations and improved the service conditions of railways and transport employees. Four decades of Jagjivan Ram’s parliamentary career.


A Dalit barber would arrive occasionally to trim his hair. In Junehe married Indrani Devi, a daughter of Dr. Below are the Indian states which share borders with the bbau.

Jagjivan Ram, popularly known as Babuji was a national leader, a freedom fighter, a crusader of social justice, a champion of depressed classes, an outstanding Parliamentarian, a true democrat, a distinguished Union Minister, an able administrator and an exceptionally jagjivzn orator. His resignation came as a shock to the Congress, and as a harbinger of things to come.

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Babu Jagjivan Ram

State level roads were converted into national highways on a large scale. It was [Jagjivan] Jagjivaan who had moved the resolution in the Lok Sabha endorsing the emergency.

He received a B. Caste challenge in India. In when he joined Arrah Town School, he realised that discrimination against Dalits was still rife.