Appendices must not be used as a means of exceeding the word limit, however, and you must follow the OU guidelines about referencing accurately and fully. Knowing your stuff will get you a pass, but putting these tips into practice will turn that into a good pass, or even a distinction. Skip to main content. It helps to show that you: Part 3 15 marks Review your notes on all the Block 4 activities and reflect on the process of contributing to your TGF during this block. Note that the value of shares at the time of completing this TMA might be different.

Allow up to words for your answer to Part 1 of TMA Thinking about your work on the case study from Blocks 2 to 6, identify up to three functional models or concepts which you feel were particularly important to your own analysis of the case study and briefly explain their importance. You may quote some ideas but use quotation marks and in-text citation. This mark gives you a benchmark for how well you are doing on the module. This does not mean that your reflections are unimportant, but acknowledges the fact that by this stage in the module you should have developed and refined your study skills for B, and had considerable practice with the key and professional skills. Often this gives you a different take on it from the course authors and helps you to back up any arguments you need to make to justify conclusions or opinions. If you own your own business you need to consider whether it is large enough for you to identify where the responsibilities for each function are located.

We recommend that you visit the Developing Good Academic Practices website, which contains both formal policy information and practical exercises to improve your study skills, including a handy self-assessment quiz which we strongly recommend you complete before submitting your first assignment.

B203 tma 02 essay

In many TMAs there should be no need to include any appendices. You may include information such as facts and figures in appendices if they are explicitly discussed in the body of the assignment. Briefly explain the likely consequences for both customers and the organisation of a mismatch between supply and demand.


If you use an appendix for material that should have been included in the written part of your assignment your tutor will be entitled to deduct marks for excessive length. Some issues affecting demand are of interest to the media e. Although you may be aware of factors influencing the performance of the Dixons group of companies at the time of undertaking this assignment, you should use the data and results provided here for the calculations in Question a and comparisons in Question b.

Use the spelling checker to avoid unnecessary spelling mistakes.

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At this stage it is likely that your group will mainly have explored issues around the case study scenario, rather than reaching any firm recommendations. In these cases an appendix can be useful to provide supporting data or evidence about an organisation, or to illustrate skills described in your answer. Have you clearly explained why you are presenting your work in the way you are?

b203 tma 02 essay

PS — I have written a book about being an Open University student. The more quality information you get into the given word count the higher your mark can be. Refer to the guidance on word counts, the use of diagrams and appendices, and referencing, in Sections 1.

b203 tma 02 essay

You must use the whole word count essat, and some of the leeway. Marks will be awarded for the correct calculation of each of the seven ratios. The overall length expected in your response to the TMA tasks will be specified in essay TMA, and your response should not exceed this length. Also, any diagrams submitted as examples should be complete and labelled appropriately.

Guidance for Part 2 How you structure your answer is up to you, but you should be able to complete it within words — although this may mean including bullet points or lists. Part 2 10 marks Review the TGF discussions in response to the first Dixons Retail case study activity and functional brief.

In addition you will continue to develop and reflect on your own personal key skills, including working with others tm the TGF activities. As you are working on your assignments, you may want to ask yourself the following questions.


Learning outcomes of TMA 02 In completing this assignment you will demonstrate your: If you are a sole trader your business is almost certainly not a suitable choice. essaj

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Your focus is likely to be on the examination for which separate activities and support systems esaay available in Block 7 to help your preparation. Identify strengths and weaknesses, and any significant external factors that the organisation should consider when assessing the continued appropriateness of its information systems strategy.

Note that two decimal places are expected in the answers. For this TMA, you are not required to obtain information yourself about your chosen organisation.

b203 tma 02 essay

This appendix need not be included in the word count. Skip to main content. If so, one option is to explore what you have learned from Block 3 and would enjoy trying to apply in your ideal job, or through voluntary work. Advice about all aspects of assessment, including how to prepare for n203, can be accessed via the Assessment website.

Part 3 asks you to reflect on your learning including your participation in bb203 TGF activities in the block and, in keeping with the practice-based emphasis in B, on how what you have learned may inform your practice in a work or other organisational context.

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The details on each TMA give further details on how marks are allocated. There are several general points your tutor will be looking for when marking your assignments. It will give them the chance to exercise several of the skills they acquired throughout the course, like practicing process writing skills that help them produce an academic essay, mainly, thinking about the topic, brainstorming, reading about the topic, outlining, drafting, editing for content, proofreading for language and mechanics errors, and rewriting.