I made a lot of friends from different departments in this time and I can assure you there is no Pornography work in the company. Answered May 17, Perhaps that was a naive question, but it’s also not obvious exactly how or why the company seems to be evading any concrete consequences of committing a massive fraud operation. Do Bangladeshis hate Pakistanis? Does Axact make porn? The degrees have no true accreditation.

Are there any Financial institutes providing escrow services in Pakistan? Answered May 17, Every company that starts out, goes after the low hanging fruit of the local industry, yet in Axact’s case this was not the case. Tabishy… you are such an idiot. Fake LinkedIn profiles for fake graduates! Agree with you, that in western world, there are many many businesses offering essay and thesis writing services. Those employees have families and other responsibilities aswell and they are in huge crisis.

Well researched and it also makes you ask the questions below.

Axact wasn’t just selling fake degrees!

New York Times published an eye-opening and scathing article on Axact. It is unethical for those who are using these services and degrees.

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We are axwct instructed to require from you immediately your proposals for dealing with the matter. As this is really the worst kind of journalism you can do.

Dr Literaryhero no longer. We are defaming our own country, intentionally or unintentionally. Yes, the official disruption agent for the distance and online education markets is apparently going to be LinkedIn. I am glad my wife didn’t fall for these.


Real Writing delivers a powerful message to students: I don’t know what’s more unethical and opputunistic, Axact or Hassan Naqvi for leaking out employees and students names and their online account passwords like this. Hey, I am an Academic writer, with 2 years of experience.

In these training sessions, employees were given passwords of online journals from where they copied theses and rephrased it for clients.

The news reports are fabricated. The list of courses these teams are working on for students along with the names of the universities and account details is available with Pakistan Today.

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After writkng month-long training, they were given certificates of being trained as Axact Research Professionals. Documents available with Pakistan Today show that Axact has been managing the academic profiles of thousands of its clients; charging them for maintaining their grades.

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Is MQM is also involved? They started out with an IT company and no one thought much about them and then literally, as if overnight success had greeted them, they were suddenly the largest IT company in Pakistan in revenue.

axact essay writing

Men with great honor and integrity always win. See, you are off the point here. Responsible for the online payments and receipts.

Well, they’re not generating the proper amount of loan debt, so, yeah, enemies. Its really low of someone to impersonate u nd make fake stories of you being associated with axact. What is it like to receive a degree churned out by the diploma mill, Axact? Axact Salaries in Pakistan? Their is an affair between Faoud n Batool but please dont take the names FIA should investigate batool.


This feel sick because I am a lums graduate and reading your comment made me feel sick to my core. I will document a complete and comprehensive software requirements specification document for your software project be it an ERP system, a website.

Fake Diplomas, Real Cash: Pakistani Company Axact Reaps Millions | MetaFilter

Bring on the criminal charges! Wroting is enrolled in axcat university courses; Egyptian Tombs and Treasures module and Survey of Art Since module The most clever thing is the name of institutes that they have. Only employees working there are speaking against it.

Whatever is happening at AXACT…the hundreds of employees working there are definitely not to be blamed!! I think someone also mention that from IT industry — that sites like Elance.