Therefore, if the competent academic authorities examine and asses the work of a student over a period of time and declare his work unsatisfactory, the rules of natural justice may be excluded. The second element is hearing. It quashed the argument of the appellants that they were not issued notice before this action was taken, as there was the opportunity of full-scale hearing and the appellant did not want to know anything more. Minister of Health and in another case of Hira Nath v. The notice must be given a reasonable opportunity to comply with its requirements.

It is against natural justice to call upon the concerned person to show cause immediately and to permit him no time to consider the charges against him. One candidate was having a very good lead but before the declaration the very purpose of surveillance and there is every possibility of the ends of justice being defeated instead of being served. Therefore, if the right to be heard will paralyze the process, law will exclude it. Evidence is an important part which is to be brought properly before the Court in the presence of both the parties and a judicial or quasi judicial authority must have to act on the evidence produced as in the case of a R v. Bentley case needs to be elaborately discussed. Thus notice is the starting point in the hearing. Ownership and Assignment of R

Therefore, notice is a must to start a hearing.

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In India few statutes like the Industrial Disputes Act,specifically bar the legal practitioners from appearing before the administrative bodies. The rule of fair hearing must be followed to prevent the miscarriage of justice. What if the accused is punished unheard and later he turns out to be an innocent?

Tracing the Need for the Application of the Doctrine ‘Audi Alteram Partem’ in Legal Service

Before the court, both the parties are equal and have an equal opportunity to represent them. In Firozhpur Constituency Parliamentary Election counting was been going on where in some segments counting were going on and in some it was over.


Similarly, in Hira nath mishra v.

The Indian Constitution excludes the principles of natural justice in Art. Many of the students approached the Patna HC challenging it on the ground that before cancellation of exam, no opportunity of hearing was been given to the students. The fountain of administration justice must not only be pure but it must also enjoy public confidence and credibility. In this case, a prisoner with an offence against prison disciplines sought legal representation before the Board of Visitors while enquiring into the charge before him.

Remember me on this computer. Notice is a basic norm of natural justice is that before initiating adjudication proceedings, the party concerned should be given notice of the case against him so as to enable him to adequately defend himself.

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The second ingredient of audi alteram partam hear the other side rule is the rule of hearing. However, the above rule of fair hearing requires that the affected party should be given an opportunity to meet the case against him effectively and this may also be achieved by providing opportunity to the affected person by making ‘written representation’ instead of oral or personal hearing as was provided in the case of Union of India v.

This page was last edited on 8 Aprilat Coke then made the following general statement: There should be adequate time for the party, so that he can prepare for his defence.

The adjudicator must not only be free from bias but there must not even be appearance of bias. Natural Justice send By clicking “Send”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. Its adequacy depends upon the case. Subhash Chandrathe Board conducted final tenth standard examination.


Natural justice is a natural sense of what is right and wrong. Definition from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary 2. In this regard the Dr. Cross examination is a very important weapon to bring out the truth.

audi alteram partem essay

The altera, opportunity of hearing which is also well known as ‘fair hearing’ is an important ingredient of the audi alteram partem rule. A notice must contain the time, place and date of hearing, jurisdiction under with the case is filed, the charges, and proposed action against the person. Administrative Law – Rules of Natural Justice. Lawyers Membership – Get Clients Online. It is alterwm be noted if the person concerned is aware of the case against him and not prejudiced in preparing his defense effectively the requirement of notice will not be insisted upon as a mere technical formalities and proceeding will not be vitiated merely on the technical ground.

In the case ofR.

audi alteram partem essay

Under these certain expectations, the principle of Audi Altreram Partem is held inapplicable to the fair play in action. Besides that, natural justice is also a fair administrative procedure to be followed by the administrative body in arriving at a right decision. Hi, I am Sara from Studymoose Hi there, would you like to get such a paper?

Courts have unanimously held that the oral hearing is not an integral part of the fair hearing, unless the circumstances call for the oral hearing.

The norms of reasonableness of opportunity of hearing vary from body to body and even case to case relating to the same body.