He had held back on hiring fill time employees for the PMO and was moving very slowly and cautiously so as not to violate AtekPC’s culture. My case study deadline is in: The specific duties of a PMO are typically divided into two categories: Not all of the senior executives were equally enthused about the PMO concept. Presents one company’s efforts to implement a project management organization, or PMO, and the challenges they faced in doing so. Limit your response to one page.

Milestones not specified within case study however to be done with IT projects at a shorter time then without an implemented PMO;. Corporate cultural change had been informal. It can sometimes feel like you are running from one meeting to another and that your time is often wasted. Not all of the senior executives were equally enthused about the PMO concept. What structural and governance mechanisms are critical to effective PMO implementation? Program Management Office Team Member:

Lecture 2 – Managing Change: For many organizations, this has meant ratcheting up project management skills, processes, and governance structures within the organization by implementing a project management office PMO. What are the main challenges and obstacles in implementi ng a PMO? ooffice

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He was also concerned about the many issues that the PMO implementation had already raised. Certain aspects of non-profit governance are widely atelpc across all non-profits, while all others are idiosyncratic to specific sub-groups of non-profits. Hosted Project management software for contractors is also quite easy to use.


Posted by Unknown at 2: Keep on sharing… Thanks!!! If the PMO is to be successful, there are several key issues that must be assumed. According to you what we project managers do is communicating.

atekpc project management office case study

Nice Piece of information!!!! How much PM is enough PM? Connie Morgan April 17, at 4: Were small steps building on prokect successes going to get the job done fast enough? Regrettably, there’s little shared knowledge of the difficulties of applying a PMO. Be sure to cite the authority for any research included in your response.

atekpc project management office case study

Normal Operation Processes and function units have to change their culture, behaviour, and even habits projet they work with a PMO. Were small steps building on small achievements likely to complete the job quick enough? The success of projects, in general, all rely on the factors being implemented; i.

At present the responsibilities limited to IT projects.

AtekPC Project Management Office

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The demand for resources was more throughout AtekPC, and the PMO would need to prove itself projct order to earn the resources they wanted. For a lot of organizations, it has meant ratcheting up project management software abilities, processes, and governance structures inside the organization by applying a project management software office PMO.

Milestones not specified within case study however to be done with IT projects at a shorter time then without an implemented PMO.

When PM is applied skillfully, in an appropriate way, it generally improves the probability of project success and pays for itself. However the key point to understand is that every project needs planning, controlling, monitoring and again going back to planning when there are issues seen in the controlling and monitoring phases.


Departmentally based Project Management offices are successful in their own silos but not accepted outside their span of influence, and therefore, are unable to influence the organization as a whole. Governance ; Nonprofit Organizations. There is not enough executive stakeholder support; there is no visibility of the program; there is a conflict of interests within departments; people are reluctant to change the ways they have been doing things.

When we let fear and adherence to inappropriate rigid standards that drive decision making then everyone loses. Also there are political conflicts as well, with managers worrying about the PMO getting to much authority.

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However, this high reputation had yet to be translated across borders. Upload your case study solution. When one purchases these tools, they can save time and money on staff training.