RobbyPants Female rat ninja Moderator Posts: Might make the mage a 1 trick pony, but nobody will survive long enough to tell their buddies anyways. Saberhagen’s Twelve Swords, some homebrew artifacts for 3. When c asting that spell, you do so at 2 caster level. Originally Posted by Psyren. So now you’re claiming that spellcasting “lacks a clear, supernatural element? Clearly someone got their wires crossed there and more on this in a minute.

RobbyPants on February 08, , I only allow the caster to reduce the cost of the metamagical additions once per metamagical feat as I also allow multiple additions of the same metamagical feat to a single spell. All times are GMT Errata is clearly stating otherwise. Primary source always trumps a secondary source text trumps table or sample character, for example the FAQ is a secondary source, whereas errata are primary, so go with errata, which is essentially, subtract 1 from every metamagic lvl adjuster you apply to the spell. In this case, they’re taking the former reading, which is a valid one. Alas, the FAQ puts the kabosh on your plans – AT only applies once no matter how many metamagics you put on a spell once total, not once per metamagic , nor can it reduce the spell below it’s normal level.

Saberhagen’s Twelve Swords, some homebrew artifacts for 3. I was relatively certain that that was how it worked. The errata version is way over the top. Errors The following errors occurred with your submission.


Favorite spell for arcane thesis?

arfane Arcane Thesis – errata So I notice a lot of people on this forum using Arcane Thesis to apply -1 to each thssis applied to a spell I rarely have to look at the errata so I never noticed it. For example, if you are a 5th-level eldritch knight, a 7th-level arcane trickster, and a 2nd-level wizard, you count as a 5th-level multiclass spellcaster.

That opening text is actually from the FAQ, around the time when WotC started using it to push stealth errata into the game with mixed results. February 06, It is clear that the FAQ is wrong since Errata are actual rules It does in fact appear on page 38 of that documentbut shortly after its inclusion the errata was released to clarify how it actually worked.

And the only one you have as part of the required 4, Heighten Spell, does not benefit from AT In any case, like others said Originally Posted by Psyren. Oscar the Grouch as a bad ass. RobbyPants Female rat ninja Moderator Posts: It mostly sucks and isn’t worth it on its own, but can get out of hand if enough resources are devoted to the one trick.

D&d arcane thesis errata

Halinn Legendary Member Posts: Originally Posted by Olaf the Stout. Halinn on February 07, And the only one you have as part of the required 4, Heighten Spell, does not benefit from AT Arcaje any case, like others said Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.


Way to much damage for such a low level spell as a 7th level character. This Convention provides an obligation that States Parties criminalize such conduct and. It depends on your ruling. Don’t worry about the FAQ. Originally Posted by holywhippet.

Arcane Thesis – errata

You can’t wish for a feat as an inherent bonus. You have to spend a lot of feats to start seeing a huge benefit, and casting the same spell over and over would be mind-numbingly boring to me.

Last edited by Marthinwurer; at My understanding is that if FAQ changes the functionality of something which techincally it shouldn’t then it’s not official, just erraha the Sage’s answers aracne RAW. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

arcane thesis errata

When you thesls your DM about something, his answer is the law. That means that it changes the rules, while the FAQ is just that, some answers to questions. Make it worse with a Scorching Ray If they were rules changes, it would have been errata, not a FAQ entry.

arcane thesis errata

Arcane Thesis – errata The Winged Mod: