The result was that very few Fijians, mostly of chiefly rank, entered the civil service as junior members of the ‘bureaucratic bourgeoisie’. What is the difference between and , and why we cannot rely on the post coup rulings etc as a precedent. Ramrakha-the deserter, shut up. BTW, nothing I mentioned here was not told or revealed before. Their society has come down the centuries intact; their people still cling to their valued culture, tradition and customs.

A proposal has to be written and then organized through thesis editing, for submission to peers for approval before actual work. Sa lutu na sucu. Otherwise I cannot see how they have survived so far. Traditional Authority in Colonial Era British colonial rule was established following the Deed of Cession in whereby Fiji became a possession and dependency of the British Crown. Also, we must not forget that the so-called multi-party government was on the verge of collapse because of the differences between Mr Qarase and Mr Chaudhry. First developments was the promulgation within the Metabolic process spearheaded using the very person that conducted coup according to an ideology of indigenous Fijian supremacy.

The fate of the Vice-President is another matter of contention.

aiyaz khaiyum thesis

The reality, as we know from the recent election results, turned out to be quite different. Again, like the Native Administration, the Fijian Administration also failed to enhance the economic development of the aiyqz.

aiyaz khaiyum thesis

Newer Post Older Post Home. What they thssis forgetting is that they are what they are because they have people below them. Anti-Fijians are those racists whose actions have brought fiji to her knees.

What this means is the so known as cleanup could eventually become very dirty even dirtier then before using the new beginning. Hence he concludes that cultivating cultural or ethnic cleavages for administration and politics should end. In his opinion this could be achieved ‘if Fijian society produces the political will that is required to overcome the present impasse, and the labour movement, with the trade unions at the centre, is the only force which now has the potential to produce that political will to take us out of the present inertia’.


Another crucial intermediary between the Taukei Movement and the military, the Rev Tomasi Raikivi, provided his house in Suva as a centre for overall planning.

It also expressed surprise that Ratu Mara had abstained from voting rather than opposing the two resolutions. For the first time there are Fijians who are willing to sacrifice their jobs and positions.

When Epeli Ganilau recommended Voreqe, it had nothing to do with the politicians. Their dissent and criticism of the chiefly leaders could not be dismissed as racially motivated attacks upon Fijian institutions. This hit on Mr Khaiyum will not work.

Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum Thesis

In the process, Mr Qarase continued to hold on to power until the general elections. Some are calling upon him to demonstrate the evidence thesiis the doctrine of necessity. If Sayed’s views are so well known, why are Fijians continuing to tolerate him and entertain his Evil destruction of a once proud race and its Culture?

He adds that such institutions like the village bylaws propagate communal politics. The establishment and perpetuation of the separate Fijian Administration however made it extremely difficult for them to establish alternative bases of legitimacy. They have held back the economic, educational, and political progress of commoner Fijians.

As an indigenous Fijian myself, I find Mr Khaiyum’s thesis absolutely correct on almost all points. Rabuka described Ratu Mara as a ‘ruthless politician who has been allowed to get away with a lot. Their proper role was aiayz the local village level, because ‘when it comes to politics, the chiefs do not have the mandate of the people’.


When Knorote went to command unfil he was selected ahead of Epeli. Shortly after the Alliance’s defeat, its most powerful arm, the Fijian Association, convened a meeting and passed a vote of no confidence in the new government.

During early colonial era, the Native Administration was criticised for failing aiiyaz develop the iTaukei.

Aiyaz sayed khaiyum thesis

In Cullinan CJ had upheld that a new regime had been created in Lesotho as a result of a coup by the paramilitary forces, and again, in Ackerman JA recognising as lawful another coup that had taken place in by the paramilitary forces. It is not surprising therefore to read of Ratu Mara’s expressed concerns.

He recognized its importance in maintaining self-worth and group identification. Ramrakha-the deserter, shut up. We are the leaders of the people. Bainimarama was an outsider to these politicians and they couldn’t get to trust aihaz to support their plan to destabilise the country should FLP win the next election.

Fiji Coupfourpointfive: Sayed Khaiyum’s Final Solution thesis: read it for yourself

From this analysis emerge two inherently contradictory tendencies of exclusivism and accommodation among the conservative, nationalist and moderate Fijians.

He noted that in the phase of decolonization, power was transferred through virtually unchanged government institutions, to largely hand-picked heirs, the new ruling group in Fiji.

On the day Mr Qarase took over the leadership of the country, a farmer Chandrika Prasad filed the now celebrated legal challenge in the Lautoka High Court. Otherwise I cannot see how they have survived so far.