We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Sometimes, I would even consider changing the past because of my regrets. But somehow, it’s not that sensible because my essay is not that sensible. SNSC introduced me to dance and drama clubs, scouting movements, religious and environmental organizations, and to students who are way better than me- students who have been bestowed with greater capabilities than me. Insightful essay, but a rather lengthy one. I am intrigued by the mystery of death and infinity.

In order to provide profit, any business must be optimized to function well in the smallest amount of time possible, using the least quantity of resources available. My mind has become more liberated, like I have just acquired a special power that the universe has entrusted to me. Best bet is to master answering multiple choice questions in a span of 1 minute. Its a significant event to me, i believe, that has helped to define me as a person. These people are and were my classmates after all. I did not only turn into a better dancer, but a better person as well.

My life in SNSC was too different to that in my previous school.

Application Tips

Or should i just stick to my achievements i dont have a lot really. Will also cross my fingers that you pass.

acet personal essay format

My mind has become more liberated, like I have just acquired a special power that the universe has entrusted to me. The worst of all is that my membership for the Dance Club was not renewed for the next school year. My heart shouts her name, and now I know.

acet personal essay format

I have had the ups and downs in my life, and God was there to guide me and protect me. Just some introduction and tips. Yup…I did get into Ateneo. You helped me a lot! Soon, your writing will improve and you will find a tormat that works for you. Jeremiah Racela, 17 Awkward, introverted and often confused. My dad and my aunt—a nurse, but she did not bring her medical kit that time—accompanied me to the nearest medical clinic, which was a few blocks away from where we were staying, to patch me up.



Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I discovered that I could play the piano, I was able to express myself in the music that I make and it was the outlet of my feelings. I weave fantasies into the minds of little children. This time, it seemed like I was writing an essay for the first time and I did not know how to start. There was no pain. Besides, people love them.

I obtained these positions not because I was popular but because of my willingness to serve. Hanggang dreams na lang talaga ata ako. I remember being in the U. I study at school ,I became an honor student, I went abroad for vacation, I have been injured, I fell in love with a girl, I have been tortured by the deafening sermons of teachers, I have met the most influential people, I have become a responsible officer, I have been in many school programs that involved dancing and singing, I have experienced heartbreak, I have written letters to the people I love, I have written poems that have improved from time to time, I have joined and have survived through the hardships of the COCC, I have met the most inspiring teacher who ever lived, I have experienced more than I thought I could.


This experience changed my view of the world: Your exam permit is your entrance ticket to the Ateneo College Entrance Test. Spending a year as a working professional made me realise that there will always be challenges. You are commenting using your Google account. I decided to take this experience as an opportunity.

From that day on, Fomat tried writing blogs as much as I could. My mother instructed me on the things that I should say to the consul.

An ACET Sample Essay and Some Tips

I had taken roads of failures and successes which had brought me to where I am now. This is for the Ateneo, my dream school. personl

acet personal essay format

Keep on practicing, and always be open to constructive criticism. I make sure that I take a hold on each and essat opportunity that meets me while taking down the road to success so as not to have regrets in the end. Having experienced in my elementary life the deafening rage of my teachers, the nerve-bending wrath of examinations, the sweet glory of having perfect scores, I felt relief when all the hardships I have gone through would reward me with a meaningful gift—my elementary graduation day.