I feel as if she lives on today, because the nuances of her character continue to echo into countless present day screen icons. Revision checklist for narrative essay. You are going to design two different covers for it, one using illustrations or photography and the other using just type. Part 4 May 14, May 14, This was important to me as it helped me set the tone of the entire Design of the Poster.

Learn to sing different types of music, vocal techniques, meet new people and have fun! Laurence stays for a little while and sits back while Beverly tries to entertain and serve drinks to her guests making rather silly small talk, and then he leaves for a quick job. Most used classic 70s colours like muted, earthy tones in orange and brown, a Font style so 70s, it almost hurts, and the use of modernist type furniture of that era. Beverly starts flirting with with Tony right in front of her husband, and he tries to get his own back with his snappy attitude when putting on music and asking them to eat and drink stuff. Her husband Tony John Salthouse is beautifully portrayed, with brewing anger suppressing violence. Discovering the visual environment of the play should include a research on furniture such as tables, couching, chairs and more.

I worked on shades of grey banning right from the start any colour in order to avoid bad surprises once working on a Black and white workspace.

Angela had warned earlier in the play that people with heart problems are businessmen with highly stressful jobs. How about receiving a customized one?


I firstly preferred the colours of the first one, with darker foreground as it gives a good depth of field.

About the design of itself, I am satisfied with the result, especially when it comes to the colours and the arrangement of the visuals in the composition. It was just like ‘Grown Ups’, very funny in a life like way. It centres around a posh party thrown by overbearing Beverly Alison Steadman and her control freak husband Lawrence Tim Stern.

Language of ‘Abigail’s Party’ Emily Huntley Essay

Indeed to prevent from a lack of clarity I had to reduce the amount of information. The logo is only text with a little twist: Dissertation sur le telephone. I can see why home computers and the invention of Satellite TV came about, to escape this moronic ’70’s life.

Logos speaks a lot on who the target is. She then sits to consume her drink and, with the look of a Basilisk, surveys her domain. Is this due to the typefaces used, the way the type is laid out….

The seventies was a decade of great political upheaval. The gaps between columns and sections define most of the white space. They view each other as rivals. Leigh’s films and plays offer a ‘slice abigaills life realism’ usually choosing down to earth subjects. Mike Leigh is an English writer and director of film and theatre.

abigails party coursework

I focused on using abigailz big image as background with strong colours and bold typography. Rathko 28 February For the background I tried doodling on Photoshop, drawing circles.

It can only be assumed that Leigh enjoyed the idea of the very people he criticised in the play being the ones to watch it as evening entertainment.


Part 5 – DORIAN COPUS – Graphics

One theme is marriage and it can be seen how the relationship between Beverly and Lawrence is full of tension. For this reason I have made a selection of colours which suggest a concept, a mind-set.

abigails party coursework

It was a blast. There I searched for 70s images, preferably of parties. How do i write a self assessment essay. Tony and Lawrence appear to be able to see through the characters everyone else is playing but cannot do anything about it because they are not united.

But the drama is timeless, as the people are courseworkk and the comic moments still subtly effective. The play itself is an often brilliant one-act satire, charting the total disintegration of an intimate cocktail party controlled by an aggressively bourgeois hostess Alison Steadman avigails her ineffective husband.

We find a lot of tints of orange, purple and actually lots variations in general. They are looking for a radical change in their house style in order to communicate their differences with other housing association: I think this is a link to the character of Laurence, whom is very like Leigh.

Mike Leigh’s teleplay Abigail’s Party is a character driven portrait of life in the suburbs in 70’s Britain.