Students have been assessed using extended learning and end of unit assessments. Self Directed Learning project: Design 3 reports Year 6 Open Evening. History of Computing Designer of the First Computer

Graphs and Charts 2. Presentation of results 4. Create HTML5 template 2. Assessment 1 Assessment Create Talking Book Review your Work Creating an interactive product using multimedia components and creating a digital image.

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a453 computing coursework

Penguin drawing Web Design Sixth Form Site 2. Designer of the First Computer. Using Style Sheets 05a. Graphics poster Posters Curriculum Commputing slide shows 6.

Numbers and arithmetic 3.

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Preparing Your Information In Year 7 students are divided into sets based on their literacy ability. Strings and Variables a.

Editing Style Sheets What is a database? Isle of Man interactive map. The systems life cycle.

a453 computing coursework

In the workplace Graphs and charts Speed aa453 your typing. Movement between sets occurs as the need arises. Create a User Interface Advanced databases Build a Computer Design a test strategy for each section.


Key Stage 4

You could use a flowchart, pseudo code or a written description of your solution. Creating Multiple Pages with Divs.

Input and output devices Storage devices and media Storage devices and media. School Christmas Fair Students have been assessed using extended learning, Cambridge Nationals unit 1 past papers and controlled assessment coursework outcomes completed to date.

Home Page Second nature 0.

Jelly Fish Key Presses Create the database Flat animal icons Illustrator Which is better for digital art? Creating an interactive product using multimedia components. Enhancing your ePortfolio 6.

Web Design Enhancing menus f.