Toshimi Murata Hidetoshi Satou Date: Not the arrangement you were looking for? A Star Is Born []. Godzilla and Terror of Mechagodzilla. The disc includes as bonus tracks “False Regeneration” from the Rebith part of the film as well as Giuseppe Verdi’s Requiem. Take on Me Sheet Music Boss. In order to write a review on digital sheet music you must first have purchased the item.

The executive producers were Hideaki Anno and Toshimichi Otsuki while Shiro Sagisu provided the keyboard and programming as well as two bonus songs. It is sung in English and used in the animated film The End of Evangelion during the beginning of the Human Instrumentality Project. The CD is no longer in print. Godzilla and Terror of Mechagodzilla. Rei Ayanami’s fictional birth date however, is unclear.

Neon Genesis Evangelion OP (Cruel Angel’s Thesis) violin cover – video dailymotion

Fly Me to the Moon. In order to write a review on digital sheet music you must first have purchased the item. View All Product Type: This is a 1 page sample. Shiro Sagisu continues to strive forward in delivering an impressive and satisfying contribution to the realm of Evangelion. It features three instrumental, five vocal, and four drama tracks. This album was released by Starchild and produced by Toshiyuki Ohmori, it was released on November 6, The single was released on October 25, released with the part number KIDA and [2] it also reached a peak rank 17 in the Oricon album database appearing in the ranks 61 times.


In the anime it was used as the ending theme. Retrieved 5 June In MayHikaru Utada was announced to return to the series and provide the theme song for the second film in the Rebuild of Evangelion series, Evangelion: Recording Industry Association of Japan.

a cruel angels thesis sheet music violin

Andrew Wrangell Samuel Dickenson. The Birthday of Rei Ayanami? Neon Genesis Evangelion Addition is the fourth music album released relating to the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise.

It was issued as a limited edition release. The album peaked at number 24 in the Oricon charts, making 90 appearances on the chart. An instrumental version of this musoc is angel during the Evangelion ending in Super Robot Wars Alpha 3. The King Records label Starchild released the album with the catalog number KICA on February 16,[20] and the album peaked at number 4 on the Oricon albums chart where it stayed for 15 weeks.

The disc has several tuning tracks and string solos that are portrayed in the film as being played by the four primary Evangelion pilots.

A Cruel Angel’s Thesis for Solo Violin

A Star Is Born []. Retrieved May 11, Neon Genesis Evangelion Decade is an album released to hhesis the 10th anniversary of the date the TV series began airing.


a cruel angels thesis sheet music violin

Become a Member Today! Retrieved May 7, Take on Me Sheet Music Boss. Worthy is the Lamb Even as a standalone soundtrack, it’s still an incredibly realized and focused soundtrack. Views Read Edit View history.

Not the arrangement you were looking for? It was released in Japan on September 13, shset King Records and in North America on September 7, by Geneon Entertainment and peaked at number 20 in the Oricon charts, ultimately making just 2 appearances.

a cruel angels thesis sheet music violin

It was used as the opening to the series, and two violiin versions of it were played in the finale episode titled ” Take care of yourself. Tracks are of Suite No.

The limited edition album crjel released to include a movie ticket for the first Evangelion movie, Evangelion: The album peaked at number 28 in the Oricon database, making 6 appearances in total. The CD itself depicts the front part of Rei’s plug suit bearing the inscription 00, which refers to her designated Evangelion, Unit Death and Rebirth which was released on March 15,