School Picture Day Friday: Traffic Safety We encourage students and families to be aware of cars, bikes, skateboarders, and pedestrians as we travel to and from school each day. Compare two different proportional relationships represented in different ways. On Friday, they will take a Cold Read Quiz. Du e date for Rising 7th grade Registration cards is Thursday,.. Homework Thursday May 4 1.

AR Points are due by December 14th as well. This will be due Tuesday, September 25th. Rise of the Elgen by Richard Paul Evans. They will have a little more time to finish this up during their history classes next week. Homework will be displayed on the board each time it is given. The Go-Play-Save fundraiser is the only fundraiser that we do each chms and your contribution is very helpful in chms provide the band program the funds we need to operate throughout the year. Students have individual reading goals to meet.

Homework website chms – Introduction

If you have any questions about either of these clubs, feel free to email me. Library day bring your printed article from last week ; Michael Vey Chs Quiz; Extra credit opportunity at the University of Memphis. They will be taking the English Case 21 test on Monday. Name and date should be on every paper you turn in. websute

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Assignments for the week of: This fieldtrip will give them an opportunity to get a head start on their research. ELA Case 21 Tuesday: Anything they don’t finish reading in class will have to be completed for homework.


8th grade homework website chms

Chippens Hill Middle School. If you do not want your student to watch the movie, I will have an alternate assignment he or she can do instead. Last Tuesday, I will assigned the following chapters to be read by Tuesday, November 13th: 8yh Math Middle School Grade 8.

Meet the Mustangs Friday: This needs to be completed by October 26th. Please keep your belongings under your desk. This will be the last homework reading quiz for this 9 weeks. We will webste starting a theme postcard project for Act 1 of Diary of Anne Frank this week.

The packet will be due on December 14th. Homework Thursday May 4 1.

Homework website chms

It’s that time of year again and the open house schedule has been posted. All of this will be completed in class. Check Google Form 6. They will have some class time to work on this, but they may need to finish it for homework to have it ready to turn in cms that Friday.

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We will start reading library books webxite soon as we visit the library. They will start typing up the elements guide in the library this week.


In the library this week, students will be typing up the information in their pink library packets about their literary non-fiction books.

They will have a little more time to finish this up during their history classes next week. If your student is interested in participating in Speech and Debate or Drama Club this year, please come with him or her to a brief interest meeting on Tuesday at 5: The packet will be due on October 26th. On Thursday, students will take a short quiz on character types, which we will be practicing with all week. We will start researching a career for an essay next week.

8th grade homework website chms

Instrument switch auditions homework happen in class the week website return from chms. Last Tuesday, I will assigned the following chapters to be read by Tuesday, October 23rd: Students have been using the computer lab to research information about a career that they are interested in.

The students will then complete a digial plot line on storyboardthat. Stay on task during class.

I enjoy being a student at the CHMS band.