Thank you so much. He has less than 2 years to apply for his 10 year green card and 3 years for a U. State and Territory Base Awards More information. My question now is how to prevent him from losing the LPR status. Nagle , 9 F.

Thank you so much for helping out. Switch to Calendar View. Supplier Facility More information. Hi Gary, Thank you for your detailed and informative response. Can he apply for citizenship since we both work for the U. As a result, this makes the request to remove their conditions.

Be the spouse of a U.

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However, the I instructions at p. For purposes of expeditious naturalization, the U. For more on this, see https: In the case of a person who goes abroad on a non-temporary basis even before taking employment abroad for a U.

We received our interview letter for June in Honolulu. We do require the name and mailing address of each person forming the LLC.

Expeditious Naturalization under Section 319(b) for Spouses of U.S. Citizens Employed Abroad

Visa Law Highlights – U. If any further information is needed, please do not hesitate to contact me at s and phone numbers above. My husband got a green card 6 months ago on the basis of our marriage. Hi Gary, Thank you for your detailed and informative response.


Based on Data Collected: Help with these questions will be extremely appreciated! Write your A-Number on the back of the check or money order. Rewrite it and put in your pertinent information. Your husband will need to file a Form I, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, within the 3 months before his two-year conditional residence expires. Overview of the Requirements for Expeditious Naturalization 4.

Request letetr overseas processing This only applies to spouses of servicemembers that qualify for naturalization under e – see in b or e reference sheet in this packet for further clarification.

319b cover letter

Guide to Reentry Permits – U. Reviewed April N Naturalization for letrer born spouses Page 9 of So everything seems to be going fine. Use of “Mail Box” service Kathy M.

319b cover letter

Constitution and government, to demonstrate law-abiding conduct, and to prove fitness to be accepted as a citizen of the U. Such service coveer include, but are not limited to, banking, insurance, transportation, communications and data processing, advertising, accounting, design and engineering, management consulting, tourism, and technology transfer. If you have any arrests or law enforcement officer detainations, you have a requirement to submit information and documents concerning.


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He works for a large American-owned publicly traded on US stock exchange corporation. You may find the current naturalization fees on the form M attached. Or can a family member file the affidavit?

I wish to draw your attention to my approved N which preserved my residence for naturalization while working legter for an American Company in accordance with INA b. Goods are tangible commodities or merchandise having intrinsic value. There is no requirement that the citizen have been employed by the company in the U. That could be read to require not just proof of the nature of the employment but also separate proof that the citizen is living abroad temporarily.

Thank you so much. The answers are likely to depend on the specific facts of your situation. He was paid on a commission basis. Expedited naturalization allows for the couple to live together abroad rather than being separated for multiple years.