From diagnosis to accountability: Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 30 The Glasgow consensus on the delineation between pesticide emission inventory and impact assessment for LCA. In which contexts do we need harmonization and when instead do we need orchestration, i. Carbon Footprint of Beef Cattle Hides. From potential hotspots identification to social issues prioritizatio.

International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 20 4: However, we should also consider that adverse effects might arise by oversimplification and contradicting guidance as outcome of harmonization process. Ecological footprint and integrated indicators for land use in life cycle impact assessment. The comparison is based on the unit of 1 m3 of unreinforced prefabricated concrete and the equivalent amount of cast-in-situ concrete. The analysis reveals that timber formwork is the primary contributor towards a larger environmental footprint of cast-in-situ concrete. Soumis dans Journal of Indusrtrial Ecology. Whereas the IPCC standard yields an amount of emissions related to the carbon content of the vector, the LCA approach produces a more holistic amount of emissions that is related to the whole fuel supply-chain that is characterised by the European reference Life Cycle Database ELCD.

Application of life cycle assessment to compare the environmental footprint of concrete methods Show simple item record Show full item record Export item record. Industrialization of the construction process being a current trend can considerably reduce the on-site labor intensity and shorten the construction time. Choice of background database in constructing cradle-to-gate LCI for public dissemination: Enzymatic functional stability of Zn-contaminated field-collected soils: From a critical review to a conceptual framework for integrating the criticality of resources in life-cycle sustainability assessment.


Real-time optimization of a Green Sustainable Telco Cloud network of data centers using consequential life cycle assessment. Assessing regionalized intake fractions and human damage factors in North America.

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This leads to a more complicated logistic system when compared to the conventional cast-in-situ concrete method. An unavoidable subjective aspect of decision-making for climate mitigation.

19th setac europe lca case study symposium

Optimization of energy consumption in smart homes: Life Cycle Analysis Workshop, Montreal. Carbon Footprint of Beef Cattle.

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Implementing eco-design within the helicopter industry. The results show that prefabricated concrete can outweigh conventional cast-in-situ concrete from an environmental point of view due to a dramatic saving in the amount of temporary materials. How to position a biomass with respect to market-driven requirements? Building and construction – dc. A new methodology for complex and spatial LCA calculations.

Uncertainty and spatial variability in characterization factors for aquatic acidification at the global scale. Soumis dans Journal of Indusrtrial Ecology. Environmental sustainability of Canadian agriculture: Case study of wine consumption in Quebec. A standard for calculating real time emission of computer servers: Statistical estimation of missing data in life cycle inventory: A prospective life cycle assessment study.


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Toxicity response of a 19gh enzyme-based functional diversity methodology for Zn-contaminated field-collected soils. Applications and challenges of life cycle assessment in the context of a green sustainable Telco cloud.

19th setac europe lca case study symposium

Enhancing life cycle impact assessment from climate science: Dealing with uncertainty of large models used to assess global environmental changes: CoM authorities may decide to account emissions using either a standard or a LCA approach. A comment on physical inhomogeneity, aggregation bias, and coproduction. Environmental impacts of remediation of a trichloroethene-contaminated site: Crop specific erosion and runoff characterization factors for land use: Human health impact models from water use: De Bruille euroep C.

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